If you have complied, it’s very hard to see those who are excluded (from Livestream #115)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #115 (originally streamed live on February 13, 2022):



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  1. Watch a documentary last night called " winter on fire" this is exactly where Canada is situated today. Our future looks like it is going to get bad before better.

  2. I am an MD, PhD and the lunacy of letting politicians dictate the treatment of patients and these "one size" fits all mandates are abuse, period. We should have said no in the US when they said 14 days to slow the spread. We should have said no when they said everyone mask up regardless of symptoms and any supporting data that it will do anything except asphyxiate the wearer. We should have said no when they told small businesses to close but allowed big box stores to remain open and operational. Now, it may take a fight to get it all back because they now don't want to cede back control at any level. Another poor decision was using a sensitive RT-PCR test on everyone including those without symptoms to determine you are a "case" and positive. This was lunacy since many people were asymptomatic and unlikely to be spreading virus since the viral load was too low or non-existent. There is some asymptomatic spreading right before someone becomes symptomatic but it is few and far between. It doesn't justify making of all of us and our kids. The fact that the rich, elected (same thing), and celebrities are always out maskless tells me that most of them are not worried about it so why do the rest of us sheep have to follow the rules? Because we are all the great unwashed out here and we are but sheep to be fleeced.

  3. I just witnessed an unreal discussion on french canadian tv yesterday with 3 pro-vaccine-pass and 1 anti-vaccine-pass:

    One of them kept going on about the fact that she wants to be rewarded for taking the vaccine, and cancelling the vaccine passport is cancelling her reward, which in her view is unacceptable.

    Another one kept saying that he doesn't feel safe to go to the restaurant not knowing if someone sitting next to him is unvax, therefor these people should be excluded from restaurants to preserve his feeling of safety.

    Both of them also mentioned that unvaccinated people should be excluded from everywhere in order to protect the immunosuppressed.

    The third one, who was introduced to us as the scientist of the group, pointed out that the problem with the vaccine passport is that it has become unclear who should have the privilege to have it (2 shots? 3 shots? 4 shots? previous infection?), but otherwise agreed that unvax were more "dangerous".

    The 4th guest, who was a lawyer against the passport, seemed a bit overwhelmed with the level of insanity on the panel.

  4. BTW, I was banned from several meetings and committees because I felt that everyone should not be vaccinated and we should only focus on those most at risk for severe outcomes (older, with comorbidities) and it was like I was calling for patients to be killed. I lost many colleagues as friends for my stance that these vaccines are neither safe nor effective. Leaky vaccines should never be used on such a large scale because they will drive more lethal mutations. We were very lucky to get Omincron which may end it all and protect much better than vaccines in the long run.

  5. Everything they described sounds like what black people have endured since being kidnapped and brought to the Americas as slaves by rich Europeans. I really hope you are starting to see the lies you have inherited from your founding fathers.

    You can't establish your house by crimes and expect it not to fall. You can't stand by neutral and watch others establish their houses through crime and not understand soon they will be committing crimes against you!! This is why you are about to lose your country and way of life because it was established through wickedness. Repent and turn from your evil ways and perhaps there may be individual mercy for you.

  6. The government is just trying to weed out the non complaint personalities so that their future plans for total control of the populace will be made easy.

  7. It’s not hard to see those that are excluded, it’s that leftists want exclusion.
    One only needs to look at all leftist revolutions to see that exclusion by death is always the method used for attaining the lefts utopia.
    This will
    Be no different.
    They’ll just starve us to death by turning off our bank accounts now, no need for guns.

  8. I finally gave in and got my first shot yesterday (after having Omicron last month). I haven't seen my girlfriend in over a year. I have been holding on to her ring since last summer, and I can't wait any longer. I even need a 2nd dose, despite having that natural immunity acquired last month. I also need to sign a waiver to get the 2nd dose in 3 weeks instead of 8, just so I can fly sooner. I will never forget how the government and medical agencies betrayed me and were so careless with my rights.

  9. Excellent – once again. Shame I have failed so far to convince most family and friends about the same initial conclusions / reservations – and even now based on actual empirical data of a most damning / persuasive type- it remains a struggle. I am not the only one in my family who benefited from a higher education. The penny just doesn’t want to drop with most people. However, I feel it might do soon – and with a loud bang as it hits the empty money box.

  10. I just drove through 7 States, from Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Not one mask mandate observed anywhere. These people who view those that are unvaccinated as unclean, are the extreme minority and what they think doesn't really matter to society as a whole. The wants and needs of the few over the majority is irrelevant.

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