If you keep a lid on the truth, things boil over (Maajid Nawaz & Bret Weinstein)

Bret speaks with Maajid Nawaz who was the founding chairman of Quilliam, a counter-extremism think tank that sought to challenge the narratives of Islamist extremists and, until January 2022, was the host of an LBC radio show on Saturdays and Sundays.
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  1. I havent lost any friends or family mind you my sisters and niece and one nephew in England have all refused the so called vaccine they did their research. The other nephew and his wife had no choice he works as a OT Manager and his wife is a Resudential home area Manager. My brother here in Germany where I now live and my niece and nephew have all had the jabs but they will not let their children have them under any circumstance. My brother is finally realising that the evidence that is slowly coming out is what I was trying to talk to him about ages ago.

  2. that is the plan: wait until that pressure cooker explodes to give them a reason to clamp down hard and apply their restrictions "in the name of safety etc"..all part of the plan…straight out of Himmler's play book.
    history about to repeat itself but on more of a global scale.

  3. They are listening, they know, but, they cannot react correctly. They are cow towing to the machinations of the WEF. Our so called leaders are in fact the antithesis of leaders. They are doing what is required but not by the people. Mr Creepy Schwab…

  4. “They” are obviously doing EXACTLY WHAT THEY HAVE SAID THEY WILL DO

    They are intentionally destroying the western world beginning with the previously free

    They are literally killing us en masse on purpose for the purpose of decreasing world population by half by next year

    or website or book or even
    marble slab🙄

    IT IS SELF EVIDENT & they’re not lying about exactly what ‘they’ are doing

    & they are doing it.

  5. Has anyone seen the Dayou Twitter thread dump on Gab? Amazing archive. In all the chaos people have forgotten there was a global crime committed. Dayou gives hope some still pursuing the investigation

  6. And the video cut ends right where I want to know- What do we do? How do we push back, How do we proselytize effectively? How do we mobilize? How do we neutralize weaponized emotions and sounds good terminology against irrational reactive and unprincipled sheep? Please don't misunderstand, I'm not saying all these people aren't good people, I'm saying they've been trained to obey and to be reactionary and emotional, not to think or be logical. So using logical arguments often doesn't work and this is why cognitive dissonance doesnt bother or occur to them like is does me.

  7. Oh and fuck Wikipedia. I used to have to work on pages for people and it is filled with trolls who immediately change information to suit whatever agenda they have going.

  8. Bret your still hesitant, your stalling, your talking about conspiracies like we're not up against a ruthless evil enemy who have endless amounts of money & resources. They are not going to give up and say, of did you hear what Bret Weinstein was saying in his interview with Majad Nawaz? We had better just give up now so.

  9. The truth will be censored, destroyed, or twisted around 180 degrees and fed to the public as disinformation. By who? Imo, uber-wealthy and powerful global oligarchs give the orders and gov't henchmen like Biden, Congress, CIA, etc carry them out.

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