If You See Anyone Posting “Anti-Govt, Anti-Police, COVID Conspiracy Rhetoric” … Call Crime Stoppers

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  1. If you see or hear any politicians or police speaking like this report them to the public as no man, woman or child should ever tolerate this type of behaviour, we are NOT the problem!!
    Instead of spitting propaganda and saying anti government, conspiracy theorists etc, tell the sheep the truth, tell them exactly what are we saying in context, what are our actual beliefs, and why!! Governments (They should have a different name) are not rulers of a people, they're meant for trade, commerce and governing the safety of a system for the masses. The audacity of any person who still to this day considers something that doesn't align with THEIR ideology a conspiracy is the actual threat.
    If you keep committing crimes against humanity and feel you will get away with it keep doing what you do, just keep in mind you are inhumane and have serious mental issues, you've definitely been indoctrinated by someone or something along the way…
    Any person who believes government and their mental case punishers are justified are brain washed. Shame on the establishment, the WEF, CCP and every other pathetic excuse of an existence, the world would be a better place without your agendas of which your flawed narratives are attached.
    All of you psychopaths need to stop threatening the good people of Australia and the world, but you won't, and we know why…
    Accountability, you know, what's good for the goose is good for the gander' being YOU KNOW WHO!!
    Be vigilant, safe and forever free!!!
    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything 💯 %

  2. Us so called conspiracy theorists were warning the masses of the use of ideological subversion. We were all warned long ago by a specific person who knew the actual Nazis well, he knew exactly what was to come, it's social engineering, all the BLM, Antifa, LGBT, Trans, Sexualising children, and pretty much creating a world where they would normalise insanity and chaos in order to justify the bs crimes being committed against humanity on a daily basis…
    If its a crime to question your narrative and think for ourselves we have a BIG problem, you don't have any right to censor me or create a smear campaign, which is defamation of character. Censor what you fear' will expose you, the truth!!
    Many want answers, but they can't handle the TRUTH!!!🤫

  3. Prove they're only conspiracies lol, you can't!
    The truth hurts, and it especially hurts government, police and other groups bs narrative (propaganda)… We know exactly how this was going to end up, we know why you act like this, we so called conspiracy theorists can pretty much read the future… how do you think this is possible?

  4. I witnessed 2 serious crimes.
    A young boy suffering a mental breakdown was attacked by 4 thugs. One drove a car into him. One repeatedly kicked him. One used a baton and one stomped on his head . The boy spent 3 months in a coma. The 2nd crime was a little fat bastd called Luke Cornelius appeared on TV and stated his men acted within the law and they were not charged or reprimanded in any way. Scum looking after scum from the top down.

  5. This is a WAKE THE F UP campaign by the white hats to the 'normies' who have yet to understand that our govt, media, health and education organisations, scientific organisations – all are working AGAINST the people. This shows how far the ENEMY is prepared to go to enslave the public. This woman, I would guess, is part of the cabal/illuminati, hence her high up authority in the demonic cult. Not all police are involved, but ones like her – yes.

  6. From this escalation in their rhetoric we can see they have plans to push the tyranny even further in the full understanding that there will be increased opposition which they plan on stamping down on so severely that they may start a civil war which they will use to end democracy completely, if they have to go that far. If there is no civil war then they have won the end of democracy by terrorizing people into compliance.

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