I’m Just Doing My Job! Australian Cops Use Same Excuses As Nazi Guards | You Are Here

An Australian officer was caught on camera at a protest telling someone he was just “doing his job” by depriving his countrymen of their rights. Sydney Watson cannot believe what’s going on in Australia and has no patience for anyone trying to excuse this behavior. WATCH more You Are Here:

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Written by BlazeTV


  1. It blows my mind that the LEO are out there doing something they don’t agree with take a couple sick days , the world is all fk up and everyone knows this 🙏🏼🇺🇸🦅👮‍♀️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. How you feeling about “backing the blue “ now? 😂😂😂😂. Cops are scum and will enforce any rules on anyone for a few pieces of silver. Keep backing these PsOS and maybe they’ll be nicer to you republicans for it once they’re your guards at a concentration camp.

  3. Exactly, she is talking pure logic with which there is no cohesive argument,
    If as the cop said, "this is all I know" then all you know is how to brutalise your fellow man for a few quid.
    When you go home to your wife and family do you tell them what a hero you are, not by combating crime but by beating innocent people

  4. They are (LEO's) listening- and obeying a few ( in power) instead of listening and obeying the many- their countrymen. The LEOs need to ask themselves are the ones in power – sane?, correct? Some LEOs just enjoy the power , even though it's a small bit of power. But what happens when the people ( citizens) refuse that power? These politicians are evil, corrupt. I really believe the LEOs want to do what's right and have never been placed in this position until now.

  5. Yeah, satan and his lackey could care less.
    New World Order is now.
    Mark of the Beast is next.
    All that accept it can buy and sell, yet face the 7 seals, 7 trumpets, and 7 viles of God's wrath.

  6. Sydney you are a legend! The day I saw your tweet About Victoria Police corruption, where Victoria Police responded by saying 'there was no corruption because noone was charged' (paraphrasing) was the day I started really questioning the actions of VP, you're doing great work, and same with Elijah. You're on the side of the people and freedom and we love you guys for that

  7. I don't agree with blaming cops for having to enforce bad laws and bad policies. I blame the citizens of Australia for putting up with its government's bad mandates. And I'm not talking about 'oh well wait for the next election', they should be removing the politicians from office as quickly as any law will allow. Sorry, just watched Count Dankula's Battle of Athens video earlier today.

  8. Worldwide, the police attract a certain kind of person to that line of work. The last year and a half has driven that point home. For most people, they will ever be in greater danger than when they are near the police.

  9. Yeah, that excuse didn't work for the Nazi soldiers during the Nuremberg Trials and it won't work now for the Vicotria police. These "police" better be praying that they are on the winning side bc if not there will be hell to pay.

  10. What is more troubling is that there are Australian's on social media calling for such vaccine apartheid such as no access to healthcare rebates and any medical treatment for COVID-19. This is going down a dark path indeed.

  11. I’m glad to see people fighting back for their freedom. This infringement of your rights has nothing to do with COVID, and and everything to do with controlling the people, and changing your economy!

  12. Let’s be honest, they elected these people, just like here they are getting like us what they voted for. Don’t blame the police or the morons in office your neighbors, aunt, sister put them in power and some of them will back them when their homeless. Look at Biden there’s no border problem, I won in Afghanistan, I’m adding millions of jobs every month. You to put those people in check first, we have an election in 30 days do you have the 🏐🏐’s to make the right choice this time before Biden finish’s off the country people in the blue states. The time is now to start voting them out.

  13. I was in a discussion with a person from Australia who totally believes the government has every right to do what it's doing. Telling me people should just follow the orders. It's people like that who usher in the death of liberty

  14. No this is NOT POLICE WORK. This is tyranny. Cmon lets not pretend to know the difference. If a leo goes against our constitution, he no longer qualifies as a leo, he is a tyrannical tool. You are now the enemy.

  15. Unless you want it?,whatever??,done to you,then don't do it to others!,,->*(do unto others as you would want of yourself to be treated!),biblical principles.,,think about it!?…