“I’m Ready To Use Nuclear Weapons” Says New U.K. Prime Minister

The U.K. has a new Prime Minister and her name is Liz Truss. A member of the Conservative Party, Truss replaces the deposed Boris Johnson but, as a fellow Conservative, promises to perpetuate Johnson’s right-wing policies on issues like police, warmongering and energy. In fact, when asked about her “feelings” surrounding the possibility of nuclear war, Truss insisted that she’s ready to push the button and rain down cataclysmic destruction on the entire planet.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the new British PM’s cavalier attitude toward effecting global thermonuclear devastation.

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  1. Humanity deserves to go extinct for allowing psychopaths to be in control of our governments and corporations and then thinking things should be better or expecting anything less than annihilation over the greed of said psychopaths.

  2. I am opposed to nuclear weapons, opposed to the Conservative Party and opposed to this Prime Minister on pretty much every issue that she has spoken on… however… this is just the standard thing for every newly selected Prime Minister. Within days of being appointed they are quoted publicly declaring that they are willing to use nuclear weapons. The entire nuclear programme is designed to be a deterrent and is therefore functionally useless if a new Prime Minister is even in the slightest bit ambivalent regarding their use.
    This does not represent any shift or escalation in terms of policy although, for some people, it is bound to be the first time that they become aware of what the situation is.

  3. I remember someone arguing they would be willing to start World War 3 and nuclear war "even if it saved one life" (namely Ukrainian). Well at the end there would probably be only one life left so I guess that's true… lol. What we need are leaders who are ready to begin nuclear arms negotiations to get rid of nukes altogether. Only the most egotistical fools believe their country will somehow survive a nuclear war. Not to mention the devastation to the rest of the planet. It's completely insane. Being ready to supposedly "defend" civilization by ending civilization, is insane.

  4. Even the Queen can’t handle this witch one more day and rushed her way out: “Damn Charles, you deal with this crazy and it’s all yours, I had enough “🤣

  5. The Boomer generation has done literally nothing to disprove my notion that their collective goal is to be the last generation to live comfortably.
    Literally nothing is better since they gained total control of worldwide power. NOT ONE THING.

  6. Okay, Jimmy… what should she say? What would be the point of having the weapons if you're not wiling to use them? I imagine the scenario where she says, 'no'… think harder man. Also, you don't know the context… we nearly had a weasel called Jeremy Corbyn who would have raised a white flag to anyone, like the bloody French… you don't understand our politics.

  7. Liz Truss pro War Pro Corporation Pro fossil fuel companies what could possibly go wrong, she promised before she was made leader that there would be no handouts to the population perhaps someone should remind her it is the people's money she is playing with.

  8. UK Prime Minister doesn’t answer the question, but confirms she has no qualms to participate in a global thermonuclear war, we’re humanity as we know it would be destroyed. Shouldn’t the question asked in the video have been asked before she was elected – or maybe like in The US she was “appointed” by other psychopathic fucks….

  9. Unbelievable and beyond horrible. I have four kids and nine grandkids! Stop this already; why has everyone in power gone crazy. We need to go stop these f….ing nut jobs and get rid of nukes. NOW

  10. To Liz Truss, and to any British politician for that matter, you guys are not ready to do ANYTHING until the US says you are ready. You had been the US lapdog and provide misinformation to help the US build a case for military incursions for so long and you rely on our support, and you know it.

  11. 'Putin will use nuclear weapon, putin is a war criminal, putin that , putin here, there , everywhere … meanwhile the only ones who used nukes are americans, and british threating , but majority of european dont seem to care…. at this point i feel like somewhere will go of 1 at least, and it will show the devastation of new nuclear weapons, and its either gonna be everyone using them and goodbye humanity or these damn politicians who are so dumb af, realize its not worth the almost human extinction …. i guess we will see what happens at this point ….

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