I’M SPEECHLESS: Meet the UK’s new cigar smoking, boozing HEALTH chief

New Prime Minister Liz Truss has appointed Therese Coffey to be in charge of the Nation’s HEALTH. How typical of how clueless we are about real health and well-being…

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Written by Dr. Suneel Dhand


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  1. Omg I'm totally with u. I think the same is true about doctors if they are morbidly obese and giving medical advice telling others how to lose weight ect…I'm merely a RN and I would feel uncomfortable giving health advice and then going out boozing and not taking my own advice. Patients would not take one seriously

  2. I'll excuse the occasional cigar or some drinking. But the obesity isn't a good look considering all the health risks with it – & I am saying that as someone who is obese.
    Johnson really hit it out of the park with what he said about his own illness, and then did it again by leading by example when he lost weight.

  3. Makes You wonder? Does this woman have a medical license? Well, they will probably need to do a quick lipo on her to rid her of the excess weight before the obesity monitors make too nk much of a ruckus, or she may mysteriously take a celestial discharge off this earth due to a sudden unexplained illness!?!? You know how that occurs once someone doesn't fit the position. Well, let's see what happens….

  4. We live in a world of lies. This is like how the "news" is not meant to inform you, it's designed to confuse. The Minister of Health isn't there to make the people healthy, they exist to make people sick. I'm sure many will see this as a load of bullocks but try looking at the world this way just as a mental excessive. I bet you will soon find the results interesting.

  5. Schools in the U.S. do not have PE anymore, or it is optional. This is how it is at my children's school. They actually made running "against the rules" at my kid's school due to "safety concerns". I am not kidding. They actually did this. We took them out of that school a couple of years ago, but their new school is nearly the same. It is maddening as a parent of young public-school kids. My wife does Roller Derby and has our daughter playing twice a week, 2-3 hours per night. My son works 4-5 days a week bussing tables at a restaurant, and walks 6-9 miles per shift we figured out. It is SOOOO important to keep moving people…start today…please! Just walk for 15 minutes a day. Start there. Do it whenever you can, later in evening is a nice quiet time, or very early morning. I am 53, 6'-1" and 185 lbs. 12 years ago I was 225 pounds. I started running/mountain biking, and threw away my scale, and run/ride on average 4 times a week. You can do it! It took me many tries to start the habit, at least ten tries, but if FINALLY stuck 12 years ago (when I learned that only 1% of people will ever run a full marathon, which I ended up doing…several times!).

  6. It's the same in almost every western society.
    You don't necessarily have to have a specific education or even interest regarding your job in government – main thing is,you are dedicated to the narrative in general – as specified by the ruling neoliberal capitalist industrial/military and financial complex and its organizations and institutions – for instance,the WHO and the WEF.


  8. I see no problem with a person who enjoys a drink and a cigar, and food, by all appearances. The problem that I see is that she has taken the office of 'health minister' in a completely hypocritical role, which probably should not exist. Although Matt Hancock found to lucrative………

  9. But she's a woman, so this is progress.

    The thing that puts me off healthcare the most is how incredibly overweight the people who work in healthcare are. And I'm supposed to take advice off them…

  10. Debra McPherson was a nurse in BC, Canada who was the nurses union president. We remember her on the TV news being interviewed fairly regularly. Ms. McPherson came across as a fairly nice person that represented the nurses. She was morbidly obese.

  11. It's all very simple: We sit on our arses, eat processed foods, get sick, and then go to the doctor. The doctor, instead of telling us to go home, exercise and eat right, tells us to take some medication. The medication masks the underlying causes while making us feel just good enough to continue sitting around and eating processed food. The processed food industry, medical establishment, and big Pharma are happy with this arrangement. Keep the patient well enough to continue with processed foods and medications — while milking them for payment after payment. It's not as easy as it looks — they have to heed the Number One rule of business: do not kill the customer.

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