Imagine My Shock

this is the only time anybody outside of breadtube will ever utter the words ‘xanderhal was right’ so he’d better enjoy it


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#PaulJosephWatson #PrisonPlanet #InfoWars

Written by ShortFatOtaku

Hi, I'm SFO, and on this channel I make political and philosophical content. There's a lot wrong with the world at the moment, and I don't really have any way to affect political change other than making videos on pertinent topics, so I'll do what I can. My political position is a liberal centrist - I believe that free western capitalist democracy is the best political system we have, and that it's under attack from all sides, from SJWs, from religious extremism, from radical feminism, from identitarianism, from both progressivism and regressivism, from extremism from both ends of the political spectrum. If you're expecting me to either be alt-right, or side with social justice, you're going to be very disappointed.


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  1. man, like half of the commenters here sound like you think i'm trying to cancel PJW (i'm not). I just think he's unhinged, and has been getting more unhinged over the years. His analysis is slowly becoming more disconnected from reality. Also when your opinion ranges from "that's not PJW i don't believe it" to "lol that's based of PJW", you're identical to the leftists who go "we're not doing X" "yeah we do X but it's good actually". Chill.

  2. Yea, does sound bad, however, without context or authentication, I'll take it with a large pinch of salt…
    Thankfully, twitter is supplying a steady stream of salt at the moment.
    When looking at the current cultural situation, it seems there is a choice between leftist racism, right wing racism, and a comparably small group in the middle.
    In the context of many voices of overt hostility against white people in the mainstream, I can't bring myself to care about the racism on the right anymore.
    Don't get me wrong, I still dislike it from all sides, but at this point its normalized to the point where I'm just numb to it.

    To play devils advocate:
    I think PJW does parse an endless stream of info about vile and despicable crime that comes from certain migrant groups, while the mainstream and for large parts the state elects to ignore.
    How many years can you go through such information every day, before you develop an aversion.
    Specially in the UK with the grooming gangs.
    It doesn't make it OK, but makes it at the very least a normal human reaction.

  3. slurs arnt and cant be racist by that logic saying idiot is IQism and do you really wan to be the guy to say IQism is real just to attempt to "prove" mean words are more then mean words

  4. lefties want people like PJW to constantly be about politics cause of their own commie books forget the name of the book but you have talked about it before that says everything has to be the politics to invade and keep your enemy away from places to rest PJW like many others have been fucked with by this tactic he just happens to have a camera but is he really the bad guy beat someone up long enough their gonna end your life as painful as possible and not care about being graceful (granted physical beating is different from mental but you get the point)

  5. Ah, the enlightened centrists strikes again. "You're a victim if you think the irreversible replacement of your ethnicity and sexual abuse of your children should be met with the solutions they deserve".

  6. It's funny because of people like Paul J Watson, I decided to go Centrist route and never looked back!
    Paul is just a weird guy and I feel like I'm glad to move away from the Right-Wing was for the best for me

  7. I think this is an inherently bad video. having radical or dissident views doesn’t inherently make you evil. You used two examples of crappy people to make that all people with radical views are evil. The argument most people become liberal as they grow older isn’t true. I think in general most people gravitate to the political system they are apart of.

  8. PING that's why i like dev so much, my main thing for years is being anti radical, when i was like 17 and people were saying RADICAL feminism or whatever was good i instinctively went ' isn't radical anything bad?'.

  9. SFO’s moment where he finds out some of his audience is part of the problem and that actually many are just as ignorant, close minded and hypocritical as the leftists they fail against.

    1) that’s is obviously PJW
    2) he’s at a party drunk showing off by being an edge lord racist. I’d say he probably doesn’t mean it cos racist is kinda stupid (it’s the culture that’s important) but you wouldn’t know without meeting him.

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