IMF Concerned about Surging Aussie House Prices

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The IMF is concerned about surging Aussie house prices. Well at least someone cares.


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  2. If the system is going to change. All credit rewarded from today on is void and all debit forgiven. Implementation of a digital currency will work then. A line in the sand must be drawn.

  3. Who will our politicians listen to? Using vic as an example, clearly not the people. Our polly puppets dance to the tune of their globalist masters. Most of this article was just word salid, buzz words with a topping of blowing up our debt further.

  4. The rich classes is moving up
    Pushing down poor workers theres 2 ways to reduce wages stop wages going up,and double or triple the house and land prices from $110,000 to $750k/$850k instead of 10 years payments its 30 years. Economy for rich beca uh se aussie workers see they're wages shrinking Price of Houses + interest for 30 years.+ city council rates that c iui ty councils are pushing up every year so Workers $750 ,weekly becomes $260 real wages they announce tax cuts help here there but the reality the FMI is right
    .land price a block of land was $34k now is $326,000

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