Implausible Deniability: Bret Speaks with Ramsey Ramerman

Bret Speaks with Ramsey Ramerman about section 230 in the context of the social media and governmental landscapes in 2022. They address the problem solved by section 230, how it has been interpreted by courts, and the power it has allowed to be abused; furthermore, they discuss what routes are accessible to address this issue, and what paths are being and have been explored already.

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00:00 Introduction
04:42 Sponsors
07:48 Publishers or distributors
13:30 Right of association
19:00 Section 230
26:50 Quasi public space
35:45 Government meetings about censoring certain voices
41:54 Defined process and rules
45:50 Current cases against censorship
50:03 Classifying speech as terrorism
01:01:01 Fascism
01:12:50 DarkHorse shadowbanned
01:16:08 States addressing issues
01:20:20 Shadowbanning and Trump
01:26:45 COVID censorship
01:30:27 Wrap up

Written by Bret Weinstein


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  1. Flat earth is there and promoted to pull down other conspiracies. It is not pulled down precisely because it helps tar and blacken other conspiracies that have far more evidence for them.

  2. Whenever someone in government brings up terrorism as a reason for a law, we should remember what the word "terrorism" was coined to describe: the system of governing by means of terror in revolutionary France.

  3. Why was the flat earth conspiracy theory promoted? Ancient aliens? Secrets in Antarctica?

    Simple. If the truth about a real conspiracy gets out, have your agents promote it – while also promoting the flat earth, ancient aliens, and secrets in Antarctica. This will promote the idea that only crazy people who believe obviously false conspiracy theories would also believe that truth.

  4. We can see the proportions between 423k subscribers / 13k views / 785 likes, it does indicate some algorithm is distorting the true following. I would imagine the main interference is at the subscriber level numbers. This is fascism in action. It does feel like the swamp is closing in. Thanks Bret for sticking your head above the parapet.

  5. Both reddit and Twitter have been proven to be able to edit what people write on their boards. Twitter with the recent congressional testimony and reddit with the editing of comments made on T_D.

  6. You are sounding mighty MAGA these days. You’re almost there.

    You as a (not classical) liberal progressive have voted for this over the years and now we are all getting it good and hard. Kooks like me on the “far right” have been going on about art I section 8, the 2nd, and the 10th and pointing out that democrats are classically fascist. I’m the Jewish face of white supremacy because the 10th is state’s rights and that a racist dog whistle for slavery doncha know. A republic with armed public and a constitutionally extremely limited federal government is exactly what nazism was all about ya know.

    You seem surprised. Maybe you wrote in Nader because you wanted a kinder gentler authoritarian national socialism and don’t feel culpable. It’s still fascism. Empowering government to do good and nice things for people is also empowering it to do horrible things to people.

    Damn straight we demonized Obama. It was clear from the get go he was a thuggish unaccomplished little twit. And as predicted he turned the weaponization of federal agencies up to 11. Pointing that out? RACIST!

    Anyway… frustrating. Now you’re feeling it. I hope in the coming weeks or months you might say “yep… my bad.”

  7. 1:04:28 "Given that the collusion is between the media and the government trying to sway public opinion is particularly difficult. I mean just the absurdity that fact checkers treat statements by the government as the truth when they're deciding what's true and not, I mean I can't think of anything that is just more insane than that. The whole point of media is to check the government, so to take the government's word is just kind of mind-blowing, and it shows just how warped our media environment is right now."

  8. Back in 1996, there was AOL, and YAHOO. People would click on a category and age, example AOL I would click Friends, then a list of Friends and the age, so I’ll click on FRIENDS 20s. I was near 20 years old during that time. Click on FRIENDS 20s and you’re in the FRIENDS 20s Chatroom. The good ol days when Napster came out and people were downloading many musicians albums for free, till Metallica took them to court and many others bands followed Metallica’s lead. I still use my AOL Email till this day. The Cadillac of search browsers, what I tell myself to keep me sane. Lol

  9. "Ketamine for treatment-resistant depression: When and where is it safe …

    Aug 9, 2022Ketamine is generally considered safe, including for those who are experiencing suicidal ideation (thoughts or plans for suicide). The main side effects are dissociation, intoxication, sedation, high blood pressure, dizziness, headache, blurred vision, anxiety, nausea, and vomiting." –Via Harvard

  10. If Earth was flat that means evolution is out the door…and an ultimate Creator is glaringly at hand, the law of entropy…also defeats evolution… I don't know for sure….operation fishbowl may be a clue, though psychological warfare, whether true or not as long as divide and conqueror is in play…the evil elites are happy, nevertheless, because Brett has the intelligence to avoid the vaccine.and fight this corrupt system with educational backed common sense {the most on purpose evil that we have ever witnessed as humanity} I still love Brett.. both him and Heather are true couple to be admired. After communicating all this, I must say the Ramerman has really strange wallpaper and a claustrophobic atmosphere. I got a feeling he's on the toilet during this whole interview.

  11. Sorry, I know you have to earn "a living" (but I'm reasonably confident you do so, more than adequately enough, anyway) so, at the first advertisement/endorsement/greed segment (which kicked in before the conversation had properly gotten underway, even, at around six minutes in)….. I'm out of here.

  12. Sometimes Dr John Campbell puts on the screen YT rules in large red font. They can hardly complain, and it reminds people of how much they censor people like John and Bret. Maybe more people should do it.

  13. The explosion in flat earth was probably a cognitive infiltration campaign run by Cass Sunstein lackeys. It accomplished a multitude of goals: 1. Paint those who question the establishment and institutions as nutty and anti-science. 2. Poison the Well so that questioners would be less likely to trust 'conspiracy theorists' 3. Disrupt online forums and discussion with flat earth none-sense. 4. Give the media and public a way to form and group up against an 'enemy'. 5. Turn conspiracy theorists into the 'enemy.' These type of operations are deeply unethical and should be investigated.

  14. I don't think the analogy with airports and hospitals is a good one. With those there is a whole host of government barriers that prevent competitors from coming into the market and thus gov regulations to keep the incumbent businesses in check can be justified. Not so much with social media.

  15. Government LETS itself be “captured” by oligarchs…to allow deniability of infringement intention while directing oligarchs to infringe. It uses unaccountable investigative power to intimidate and persecute any threat to its power, outside OR INSIDE government. This unaccountable investigative power is derived from the unlimited imperial military intelligence powers asserted during the War on Terror.

    Government uses these seized powers first to protect itself, then its financial fiat currency regime, then its imperial globalist oligarch allies, then its domestic political Allie’s, then its voting constituency, then apolitical citizens last…. In effect the ruling party’s political opponents have no rights. They will find a way to imprison the leading rivals and critics. Besides their own incompetence, the only answer to tyranny is electoral, economic, and militant resistance. Let’s hope the last is not needed.

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