Important Data: Delta Variant Not So Bad

The Delta variant continues to dominate the news cycle, but is it as bad as sounds? How worried should we be? As always, we let the data tell the tale. For the uncensored full story we can’t share here, come to

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  1. The vaccine works. No new patients in LA had both vaccines. It's attacking younger adults and children. You're a danger and should have your license revoked. We're at an R naught of 8, you moron. 60% more transmissible.

  2. The so called “experts have been wrong all along especially the gremlin Fauci” I believe you Chris Thank you so much for intellectual TRUTH.

  3. Not sure you're correct in saying that odds of dying if you're vaccinated and over 50 are higher- I'm not sure of the exact numbers but if 90% of over 50s are fully vaccinated but are accounting for only 70% of deaths that's better than the 10% that are unvaccinated but account for 30% of deaths. That actually would mean that you're more than 3 times as likely to die if you're unvaccinated.

  4. Want to know Vitamin D levels of both Vaxed and unvaxed ??? Bet that those who got the Delta Covid had low levels of ViT D !!!

  5. I can tell you that a lot of pub and restaurant owners in the UK are NOT HAPPY with the passport idea. WIll utterly ruin the social economy.

  6. Chris, do you have data about how % of the population under and above 50 is vaccinated in the UK for us to be able to interpret if there is evidence of how much the vaccine helps on the Delta variant? Because if the % of people above 50 who is vaccinated is bigger than 69% this data you showed would indicate that, although the efficacy of the vaccines on the delta variant its far from perfect, it still have some in preventing death for example. . I mean, if only 23% of the population under 50 is vaccinated it would indicated that the vaccines did not made difference in the chance of being hospitalized. If there is more than 23% of people under 50 who is vaccinated, otherwise, this would indicate some efficacy to the vaccines. If there are 90% of people under 50 vaccinated, for example, the data would suggest that 77% of people who needed to be hospitalized came from only 10% of the population, wich would indicate how much efficacy the vaccine is having for preventing Delta to cause worse harm.
    So it is difficult to understand that data without knowing wich % of the population under and above 50 had already been vaccinated…

  7. I am curious because I have read on several hospital admission guidelines that people will be given a covid test automatically when they are admitted into a hospital so are all of these people actually in the hospital for covid? Or are they actually in for something else given a covid test and test and then it's counted that they are actually in for Covid if testing positive. Curious If all of these numbers of people are actually being treated for covid or just have a positive test and are in the hospital for something else ?

  8. LOL wear a mask vacced or not….. Looks like Sitka has an outbreak… 60+ the past week
    and go figure… 20 are fully vacced…. ROFL…
    don't worry… they have the old fall back fallacy of "but you don't get as sick if vacced.."
    Yeah if I kept that last poker hand and bet a lil harder I would have won…. same fallacy.
    Stop taking the used car salesman and snake oil salesman for his word…
    you are nothing but $$$$ to these multinational corps.

  9. Just a thought, but isn't it possible that the number of deaths in the elderly-vaccinated population are higher just because they are older, and the lower number of deaths of unvaccinated-elderly be because most elderly ARE vaccinated??? So naturally there are less unvaccinated elderly to show up in the chart? It seems like that chart is missing an important variable in my opinion. Just an idea, hopefully I explained myself clearly enough… Thoughts anyone???