Important UK vaccine announcment

Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI)

Children who have had Covid should wait three months to get vaccine

based on the emerging evidence from the UK and other countries,

which suggests that leaving a longer interval between infection and vaccination may further reduce

the already small risk of myocarditis in younger age groups

If younger people experience any of the following symptoms after receiving their vaccination, they should call 111 or see their GP:

• pain and/or tightness in the chest which may spread across the body

• pain in the neck that may spread across the shoulders and/or arms

• shortness of breath when lightly exercising or walking

• difficulty breathing when resting or feeling light-headed

• flu-like symptoms such as a high temperature, tiredness and fatigue

• palpitations or an abnormal heart rhythm

• feeling like you need to be sick


Bavaria, transfer two ITU patients to Italy

450,000 additional European deaths before February, (WHO)

Lothar Wieler, Robert Koch Institute (RKI)

We are currently heading toward a serious emergency

We are going to have a really terrible Christmas if we don’t take countermeasures now


Cases, + 15,000 (x3 UK)

Hospitals in Salzburg and Upper Austria are overloaded

Use of body bags

Anti-lockdown unrest


Tightened its restrictions to avoid full lockdown

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo

All the alarm signals are red

Europe’s map is quickly going red, and we are the same

Booster doses soon

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. I am from New Zealand, went to the Medical Centre for my 2nd Jab and asked the nurse to asperate, she wanted to know why, said although she was initially trained to asperate, that according to the NZ health board it was not needed anymore and has not been asperating vaccinations for several years now. I gave her my explanation, she was very lovely and pleasant, her response was "if this makes you comfortable and able to have the Vac then I will asperate. No pain in my arm this time and no other side effects.

  2. These vaccines are completely safe, they go through tests before distribution… I've had all 3 vaccines and finally going to take my 3 year old for their first vaccine finally so excited! And hopefully we won't have to wait for to long for the second shot and to get the booster after that. My eldests had their Vaccines over the summer both shots just waiting to take them for their boosters. Was hope for next month but been told to wait till January.

  3. If one has already had covid, why do they have to get a v4c51n3 then? The body has already created its own anti-bodies and the body's own processes are far superior to anything mankind likes to think he can create in his ego-inflated, kindergarten levels of immune-system knowledge.
    Why do we have to have that perfect system forever corrupted by small-minded medical ppl who also brought us Thalidomide using pretty much the same protocal process?
    This so-called "v4c51n3" is not fit for its purpose and no amount of bullying and lying and media-shouting will ever change that.

  4. You have to also make sure that your Vitamin K2 supplement is the correct version of K2 which is MK-7. Do not go with MK-4 versions of it and I also recommend a non-Soy version of it (especially for men because of the Estrogen that gets raised by Soy). The product I use has MenaQ 7 in it (which is not from Soy).

  5. Do not JibJab children! They are least at risk and highest at risk from JibJab side affects! This is disgusting! I will not have my kids poisoned and any parents who allow this to happen should be ashamed of themselves! Shame on you John for encouraging this rubbish and lies! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  6. Why would you vaccinate someone who has had covid, surely the are already immune and the vaccine can add nothing. Research in Isreal has found that you are 27 times more likely to get an infection after vaccination than the infection.

  7. Is vitamin k2 good or bad? A very simple question. I am no longer so proficient in the English language that I cannot immediately translate every word that is spoken quickly while listening to it. And please don't say "do you have to know yourself ?!" I don't know that, good or bad ???

  8. In one of these recent videos you mentioned specific countries that were aspirating and the ones that weren’t. I can’t seem to find it but would really like to. Does anyone know in which video he mentioned that?

  9. "
    Children who have had Covid should wait three months to get vaccine"

    So they've recovered from Covid?
    Why do they neeed vaccinating? Their Immune System has done its job.
    Recovery Rate for Under 20s is 99.995%.
    And they need two vaccines why?

  10. "We don't eat fermented vegetables"
    What, in the UK?
    But you guys eat chutney and pickles?
    Like if you get like a ploughman's or whatnot, I thought that was traditionally served with pickles

  11. Any who live's outside of America, just go ask your doctor to give you a script for a multi-vitamin, practically free. Most decent chemists and doctors will not sell you vitamins for children because, unless they are autistic or have some other reason they can't eat regular food, it's either dangerous or just a waste of money.

  12. It's one thing to grift and makes dollars at your age, it's so sick to want more money and take kids out with you! Whoever is listening to you is just plain stupid and at this point, broke!

  13. So children-whose mortality rate due to covid being 1 per 120,000 or 2 per million-depending on which results you prefer need to be vaccinated to protect them from a flu virus which then increases their risk of a heart attack.Sounds like a plan to me.No doubt on the way back from getting Johnny vaccinated they stop off at McDonalds.The most effective weapon to combat disease is to switch to a plant based diet.Listen to the doctors who have your interests at heart.Think its bad now-just keep vaccinating and see what happens.

  14. Master of understatement! It's been practically impossible to see a GP in Britain for the past 2 years. I'm not even able to have essential health checks with a GP, and only ever see nurses.

    Phoning 111 is a sick joke. We're being told to phone them rather than a GP. They have proven to be hopeless on several occasions when I have phoned them for 3 different people, whose health was deteriorating, while someone ran through a seemingly endless checklist, then told the patient to phone their GP to make an appointment. Talk about Catch 22!

    999 is just as bad. I'll not relate it all here, for decency's sake, and I am being polite: Suffice it to say that I have seen someone die as a direct result of a failure of the system.

    Fair enough, the NHS is under great stress, but more people are dying than than the administrators care to admit to. I commend individual nurses, orderlies, consultants and doctors, for being absolutely first class, but the system itself is collapsing.

  15. I just thanked for your program!🙏Really appreciate ❤I follow your program which is very useful, important, learn further. I am a mama who don't vaccinated. Have kontroll over myself, my body. This is my choice! I' m feel OK! My work one year whits covid 19 patients. All of ass free of covid. The best possible experience and teams. 💗

  16. I have been diagnosed with polymyositis autoimmune disease after getting the vaccine on oxygen and my blood oxygen goes down in to the 80s with light activities? Any input I got vaccinated this summer both shots Pfizer? Two months off work I just got bronchitis and all of a sudden difficulty breathing.

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