In Conversation with David Limbrick MP – Parliament in Exile & Permanent Pandemic Legislation

For this weeks episode of In Conversation I caught up with David Limbrick MP from the Liberal Democrats on his 2nd day working out of a nightclub basement in the CBD with two other MP’s that have been suspended from Parliament in what has been termed the Parliament in Exile.

Topics covered include: Working in Exile, Motion to a re-open parliamentary inquiry into the governments pandemic response, the permanent pandemic legislation, rapid antigen testing, vaccine mandates & democracy in Victoria.

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. I think David and Tim made the right move by not submitting to showing a vaccine passport. It’s the principal that matters. They tell everyone the way would vote. So history will show Andrews has disallowed these guys to vote and if they did the results would have been different. You can’t give an inch although I understand that it would be better ideally if they were able to vote.

  2. That's exactly right. We are all well aware that being vaccinated does not stop you from getting COVID or spreading COVID. The unvaccinated can only enter retail stores that are considered essential, but we can all mingle in the same shopping centres and have been since vaccines became available. We've had the harshest lockdowns in the world, yet our numbers of cases and deaths continued to climb. Protesters are shot with rubber bullets and sprayed with capsicum spray, for exercising their god given rights, and the government and mainstream media calls then selfish antivaxers and right wings fascists, but football fans can group together to celebrate a grand final win, and mainstream media runs it as a feel good story. People in aged care facilities were the first vaccinated but are still in lockdown, away from their loved ones in what are the final years of their lives. I can't stand this anymore. Daniel Andrew's is high on power and now he's had a taste of it, he doesn't want to let it go. God help us.

  3. Rukshan? Will Riccardo Bossi make action after 31 October???? & will you interview him?? < sent with my respect & thanks to you & your work 🙏

  4. ' Papers please '; I agree that non compliance is the Right response. Respect. However the votes of MPs Limbrick, Quilty & Cummings are sorely needed by the Victorian people in this crucial issue, such that I believe it is your next duty. Middle finger exercised the day after. 💪🎯⚖️🌄.

  5. People please don't leave Victoria who's once a best living city in the world, now after recent years the city full of arts and souls became corrupted and dictating city, that day I saw a city once full of gardens, now with all those ugly empty modern buildings, it breaks heart, who signed all these contracts to perhaps overseas companies to build then killed all small businesses made it a ghost city? People please stay in Victoria at least until November 2022. You have to fight, some big forces behind advertising the dictatorship, so people will vote for dictator, but if you work hard and determined spreading the words, if you still believe in this city, do it!

  6. Look. At the climate change idiots , they glue themselves to tram tracks , no rubber bullets , no beatings . As long as you protest woke crap it's ok , stand up for freedom , and we'll shoot you , God help us

  7. What has Scomo said about this, or is it a case of he is on holiday again, or doesn't care and agrees with it all?? The NHS gives those RAT tests away for free, they are made in China.

  8. Shouldnt even have to do antigen test. Its a better option, but this needs to stop. They say patients in hospital WITH not BECAUSE OF Covid. In ICU WITH not BECAUSE OF Covid. Im sick of the beuraracy, the lies. HOW MUCH DO POLITICIANS HAVE INVESTED IN PFIZER/MODERNA/J&J? JUST STOP.

  9. How on earth is Wuhan Dan able to introduce more laws when he can't even produce the paperwork that he has been ordered to show?
    I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone