In Conversation with Neil Angus MP : Vaccination Mandates

Last week, Neil Angus MP was amongst a handful of MPs that voted against mandating that all State MPs produce evidence they are vaccinated (or have an exemption), or otherwise be effectively banned from Parliament.

In his speech opposing the motion, Neil Angus MP argued in defence of protecting the rights and freedoms of all Victorians against mandates that impact their ability to work and participate freely in society.

In this episode of In Conversation, I talk with Neil Angus MP about his speech in Parliament and the impact vaccination mandates are having on his community.


Full Video of Speech:

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. Does anyone know of people fighting back in Western Australia. Legitimately fighting back….legally. I can't see enough resistance to justify me losing everything just to fight a losing battle. I need to see some hope of winning the fight, but all I see are sheep.

  2. I have a healthy teenage son. I put the challenge to anybody to show me the data that says he’s more at risk from Covid than from any currently available vaccine, or that society would be in any way protected from him having a vaccine.

  3. No one should implore politicians. They work for us. Daniel Andrews is sick,mentally and spiritually and he is abusing the people who pay his salary. He has to go. Shame on those in Parliament for supporting such evil.

  4. True journalism 👍
    People wake up doesn't matter vaccinated or not , nobody's self conscious should allow mandates ,that is not good in our society ….. be wise and think of what should go in and written in history if we won't say anything, we won't have answers for our kids ….. God bless Australia 🇦🇺

  5. Firstly, I would like to know, what did the PM discussed with that Billy Goates character when he came to Australia near on 2 years ago? Secondly, why was that individual NOT be put in quarantine for 14 days just like EVERYONE else had to at the time?

  6. What I find curious that national TV Scomo said their will never be mandatory Vaccines that was said from 2020 through out the year up until mid this year can't change your mind because it's considered a lie and no one will Be forced to be vaccinated so then why is it kept quiet. Why isn't he doing his job because his traveling around the world like Hawaii when are people. Going to wake up Scomo is not reliable