In DISGUSTING CNN Interview Biden Loses it For 20 Seconds, This Is Elder Abuse Now

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Written by Timcast

Tim Pool opinions and commentary channel


  1. Not to mention, the outbursts of anger for no apparent reason, is clear signs of Dementia.. Why are the Dem's still shilling him out? Just call it all ready.. Surely the Fed's wont allow him to be president?

  2. It would be interesting if Biden was faking it. Then when Biden was debating Trump he turns out to be an intellectual giant smaking Trump around like a rag doll. LMAO ya right that is totally believable.

  3. Who is the party of liberal/progressivism.

    The democrat party.

    The democrat party was the party that started slavery.

    The democrat party was the party that promoted slavery.

    The democrat party was the party of war to keep slavery.

    The democrat party was the party of the klod kranium kluckers that terrorized blacks and other minorities.

    The democrat party was the party of jim crow laws to oppress and suppress blacks and minorities.

    The democrat party was the party that apposed civil rights and fought against them for 10 years.

    Now the democrat party wants everyone to believe that overnight in 1963 they suddenly threw off hundreds of years of endemic bigotry and became the party of civil rights.

    Now the democrat party wants everyone to forget the past. Does anyone need to wonder why?

    They will say anything, use and abuse anyone to maintain and grow their political power. Compare what they said early on about the corona virus to what they are saying now. And now they are the party of elder abuse.

  4. I can't watch the shit anymore. I really dislike Biden but I'm feeling sorry for him now and I hate these Democrat scumbags for making me feel like this

  5. @Timcast : Could you REALLY argue that an individual at the level of mental decline that "Creepy Uncle Joe" is at now would constitute him having Free Will any more??

  6. I think the intent is for him to select Clinton as his VP and then retire as soon as he enters office to shoehorn diversity into the presidency.

  7. Elder abuse. LOL, STFU Tim with your fake outrage. Nobody's forcing Joe Biden to do this, he chose to do it. The way you chose to pretend you're not bald by wearing the same shitty, dirty, smelly beanie every single day.

  8. I fully agree with you. I don’t agree with Biden’s views, but many people say that he’s a very nice guy. Have felt bad for him for a while now. He has support from people to become president, but has anyone realistically encouraged him to relax and enjoy life? This does NOT seem like a good, enjoyable time for him.

    I am honestly worried about his health and I hope he can either get help, find a replacement in some kind of way, or pull out of the race.

    It scares me to think that some people may exist who care more about him winning than him surviving 🙁

  9. Oh wait! I know what they're doing! They're going to let Joe Biden go through so Trump will look bad if he debates him too hard.

  10. I would agree with you, but he is running for president so he is fair game till he quits. The Democrat’s game plan is for the vice-president to take over.

  11. I searched for Anderson Pooper Joe Biden in last 24 hours on Yootoob and this interview seems to have gone down the memory hole
    The Babylon Bee has a Joe Biden being toppled story today