In His Own Words: The Theranos Whistleblower

The story of the Theranos downfall is already one of Silicon Valley legend. What made Tyler Shultz anonymously blow the whistle at Theranos to Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou? How did Tyler’s family connections to Theranos complicate his decision to blow the whistle? What made him finally “out” himself as the whistleblower? What experiences did he have growing up that formed his moral reasoning skills? What factors lead to the unethical culture at Theranos?

Hear directly from Tyler Shultz, the Theranos whistleblower, in this interview by Ann Skeet, senior director of Leadership Ethics at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, during an event held at Santa Clara University in the fall of 2018.


  1. I like this guy but his interviews are impossible to watch because he has that same sh*t eating grin on his face no matter the question or answer.

  2. The fact that ELEIZABETH said to Whistleblower's face, Its your FMAILY TIES; that answers WHY he's had an easy time (post Theranos) while all other "random nobody whistle blowers" are blacklisted. Why do they say, oh think its due to your youth, NO NO NO! This proves that the higher teir of the mega wealthy dont give a crap and will lie cheat and steal their way to the top, I wonder who they are setting up to take her place, Hmm. Think were going to start to see this guy running at least a couple sylicon companies, very soon.

  3. Very brave- but he can afford to be. Many can't afford to lose their jobs and protect themselves from the backlash. Not to take away for what he did, though. He could afford do it, so he did- and risked a lot.

  4. He is the ONLY! one, of ALL! of the others working at Theranos, including Doctors, Scientists and Engineers, that had ANY! ethics or morals, and didn't remain silent because they were afraid of being fired. In my opinion, EVERYONE! of the Doctors / Scientist / Engineers that remained silent are as guilty as Elizabeth Holmes and Ramesh Balwani. Remaining silent, when you know there are problems and lies, that could injury or kill, just so you can keep your pay check. You are Guilty of the same crime and you should NEVER! be allowed to work in a position as an Engineer, Doctor or Scientist again, EVER! you have already proven you have zero morals, ethics or truth and can be bought. “If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity.” Albert Einstein; “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” Ella Wheeler Wilcox; “Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.” Leonardo da Vinci ; “Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.” Mahatma Gandhi

  5. He is the only hero of this terrible story. He risked his career to save any more people from getting hurt or losing their money or businesses

  6. Good luck to this young man that had enough sense of decency and responsibility that he stood up to his own grandfather and some very expensive lawyers. His parents can hold their heads high and be proud that they raised such a decent human being with a strong moral compass. If we had more of his calibre throughout the world then I could imagine mankind having a decent chance of long term survival.

  7. Why did he blow the whistle on Ms. Holmes? Ethics? Courage? A willingness to stop someone from trying to kill thousands with bogus machines generating bogus results?

  8. You're experience as a whistle blower is different in my estimation, mainly because theranos wasn't the status quo. They were a disruptor. Most other companies are the status quo and they want someone that they see as on their side. Furthermore, like you said, you didn't really break the story; but one of the first employees to come out.

  9. John Carreyrou made a great decision to focus on the grandson / grandfather side of the story . The former being wiser than the latter. Please read the book just for the silly song, Tyler wrote about Elizabeth , that his grandpa forces him to perform over and over …

  10. Had Elizabeth finished her studies at Stanford in a major related to blood testing, like say, biochemistry as opposed to marketing, then this ridiculous debacle that Theranos became could have been avoided. Instead, an outbreak of SARS in 2003 inspired her at age 19 to brainstorm a medical innovation whereby everybody would wear a patch on their wrists that would monitor your blood constantly and when the first sign of disease was detected it would administer a drug or antibiotic to immediately arrest the development of the malady. Sound feasible to you? It might if you were Gumby’s mother. This idea was unsurprisingly scrapped, but not Elizabeth’s ambition to “change the world”. So she drops out of Stanford, and this is later held up as a cool move to make. What the Hell does a 19 year old with no experience in the medical field, no education in biology and blood testing technology, know in order to create such devices? Apparently she thought, just because she thought it, it must work. And that’s all this was. A pipe dream of a cocky, self-assured, and naive 19 year old college drop out to change the world of health care as we knew it. Well, Elizabeth, it might help next time to know what you’re doing before setting off on promoting your idea. So effing what if she and this sleazy Bilwani character believed in the Theranos mission. They simply didn’t posses the knowledge and experience to properly evaluate their own product. In point of fact, the people at the company who could properly evaluate the product’s failures were shut down, intimidated, or fired. Way to go, Elizabeth. What a great example you’ve set for young women entrepreneurs! Create an illusion that you keep alive with dishonesty, shameless promotion, and nasty trial lawyers lurking everywhere. Deep Voice Barbie does a medical/tech startup with amoral Punjabi Ken. Watch them succeed in thousands of patients dying from faulty blood test results. Undaunted they press on with their stupid lame device and the same sales pitch!

  11. This guy has integrity, obviously. But specfically because he mentioned Erica, the other person who did the same thing he did but she had to just leave the country for her sanity because she didn't have the money to hire big lawyers.

  12. Those who fight for unjust causes, like Elizabeth Holmes, should suffer & die for them. Never those who fight for truth.
    Tyler should not have spent a penny on any legal expenses. Just ignore fake empty threats from fake lawyers.
    He has First Amendment freedom of speech to say what he wants on his own website & channel as well as anyone willing to talk with him (e.g. New York Times): NYT has freedom of speech as well.

  13. Once you're an ex-employee, your ex-employer can no longer do anything to you legally. You have ZERO legal obligations to them.
    You have ZERO legal obligations to read any mail from them or take any phone calls from them. Period.

  14. A person without his family connections, wealth, and education, would have had no chance. This is a testament for a rotten system and failed society.

  15. The Wall Street Journal is owned by Rupert Murdoch. He was a $125mil investor. And he let the story run. So, if Rupert Murdoch is more ethical than you are, then you should be in prison for life, no parole.