In-N-Out Defies San Francisco’s Vax Mandate



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  1. 1 of 7 F J Biden? Why? It was the pathological-lying,
    2 QAnon-conspiracy-theorists,
    3 anti-science, anti-global-warming, ignorant, Qsshole;
    4 that it elected to be its ignoramus in chief.

  2. “““““ Legally Elected President Joe Biden's $1.75 Trillion
    ““““““““““ Build Back Better Plan
    Universal Pre-K – $400 Billion
    Elder Home Care – $150B
    Expanded Child Tax Credit (for 2022) $200B
    Clean energy/Tax Credits – $555B
    Expanded Health Care Coverage – $130B
    Expand Medicare for hearing Services – $35B
    Affordable Housing – $150B
    Immigration Reform Funding – $100B

  3. I work for a very liberal company. They announced a few days ago that ALL employees must get the jab, even though 95% of the employees are remote workers. Anyone not complying is going to be fired.
    They shut down an internal version of Facebook, when employees started posting that they would not comply and it was in violation of our constitutional rights
    So, not only are they violating our legal rights, they are violating our right to freedom of speech.
    I have made the choice to walk away.

  4. San Francisco has no right and no business telling any restaurant what customers to serve. If at any point I find it difficult or impossible to get my living requirements due to not being vaccinated then I will do WHAT EVER IS NECESSARY to meet those needs. I hope my local and state government issues protective gear with the same efficiency they do everything in Cali.

  5. I know that the numbers of the Dead for covid-19 were inflated. They had to puff up the numbers in order to get mail-in ballots on the table, Covid is real, but not as bad as what they say it is. That's why the guy who died from a motorcycle accident, as far as the hospital is concerned died from covid. We are under attack. From within America.

  6. Sounds like we are in Germany 🇩🇪 1944 let me see your papers to eat or get gas get cigarettes and travel it’s coming people you better wake up the shots are legal extermination

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