Incessant Cringe Anti-Trump Bias Has DESTROYED One Of The Biggest Social Media Forums As Users SNAP

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  1. Yeah total garbage. I'm only subscribed to one r/Trumpvirus subreddit. And it's all left wing anti trump orange man bad bullshit. If I try to make an argument or reason with them, I just get downvoted to the point where my post just disappears. I can't even argue against them because there's a slow mode where you can only post once every few minutes.
    So not only does it encourage toxic hivemind like behaviour, you can't even fight back even if you really really try too.

  2. Social media sites aren't used by more than a fraction of the total population. And what is going on is those that do use it aren't interested in the false messaging and ridiculous posts. Guess what folks, more than a majority of people don't buy the leftist ideology, and this is becoming absolutely clear.

  3. Minds is shit tw@t trolls, and $#!t chute, I don't know. A few good folks, but mostly fake interaction for value via clicks.

  4. Reddit has removed every single comments I’ve ever made. I usually comment in the r/China subreddit in an attempt to diffuse anger and hatred against China and the Chinese people. Even when I simply write that we are all part of the human family and let’s not make the problems people are upset about race or nation against nation my comments get removed. While comments about bombing China is allowed to stay. This is madness!

  5. I'll take slightly disturbing hentai over drag kids everyday of the year.

    At least hentai has the vanilla genre, so there is some actual merit to its existence.

  6. I have a simple rule for discussing politics: If the person isn't paying his own bills,still depends on others to get food on the table(Being either their parents or the government),or the person never had a job in his life,his opinion is worthless.I won't discuss with them,for the same reason I wouldn't hear a prepubescent girl's opinions on Geopolitics. Also,communists don't deserve a reasonable discussion,neither does they deserve to be destroyed with FACTS and LOGIC.They deserve only mockery.The person is either too dumb and willfully ignorant of is a filthy piece of vermin shit for supporting those genocides like Stalin,Mao,Pol Pot,Castro…oh wait…has ever been a commie who had not made a damn genocide?

  7. Ok listen we knew this was gonna happen. This is why it was so dangerous for them to teach that everything was "fake" or "crazy" "racist" because now they can't handle truth. AND do this. This is EXACTLY the REASON for appeasement. And why got into this mess. And Trump was so IMPORTANT.

  8. Reddit is showing the perfect example of why pure democracy doesn't work well. A place where the 51% can dominate the 49%. When the minority voice can't be heard, stagnation follows, which will breed contempt.

  9. Is incredibly funny that the moderators for a subreddit for posting drawn porn do a better job at managing politics than the mods of a politics subreddit…

  10. It’s infuriating reading some of the nonsense in the replies to popular posts on Reddit. These people make up the craziest fucking theories and actually convince themselves and others to believe them. Take a look at the replies to the r/OutOfTheLoop post regarding Elon Musk’s “take the red pill” tweet. Fucking lunatics

  11. I left Reddit after 2 days. I was careful not to break rules, but I engaged with Leftists. Suddenly, I was penalized with wait times to post responses. I found an article from a former redditor that a common tactic is to report Conservatives as spam. This places time restrictions on how often you can post. So, Leftists use the built in functions agai st you dishonestly, and the system is setup to encourage it.

  12. Ayy Tim love the content and all but could you give a warning before you talk about porn and hentai so I can turn the volume down, narrowly avoided having to explain the subject matter to my 9 year old brother.
    Edit: I realize now that I probably shouldn't have clicked on a video about reddit without headphones in

  13. Anime_Titties has sprung up to allow discussion of world politics, while Worldpolitics holds down the hentai sphere, like how r/trees talks about pot and r/marijuanaenthusiasts discusses trees.

  14. If mods weren't biased, Reddit would be better than YouTube IMO. There is no algorithm choosing who is recommended or not. It's the subreddit that YOU chose to see based on YOUR preferences. Unfortunately, the reality isn't as bright

  15. Lol reddit. I’ve never been so exposed to so many “intellectuals” and “morally superior” champions of the internet who hardly ever present research or even a half decent argument. Someone will say something like “well Trumps dumb that goes without saying” and everyone upvotes it. But they never have specific reasons or those reason are so insufficient and or out of context that it’s intolerable.

    Many people on Reddit fell for the race bait surrounding the recent Michigan protests and even the rumor that protesters were intentionally blocking the hospitals, which I found no evidence online apart from a tweet rumor and an article with a picture of an ambulance stuck on the freeway which provided neither sufficient evidence to back the claim as this could’ve just as easily been normal gridlock, nor evidence that it was the intention of protestors.

    Can anyone guess what the protesters were against and whether or not it hurt local “non essential,” non corporate companies? By fining local businesses, you hurt local black business by extension. But Redditors are more concerned with the lessor points like “well if the protesters were black they’d be shot !” BS, the new black panther party regularly open carries long guns and wears tactical equipment so that point is just incorrect.

  16. "reddit is a leftist propoganda website"
    I agree. I left in 2018, after having endured the 2016 campaign and the orange man bad, trump derangement syndrome stuff for two years after.
    I started using reddit in ~2008. I used it for a solid decade, and it started souring years ago.
    Ill still use it sometimes coming from google looking for specific information, but just content consumption and entertainment? Nope.
    Havnt missed it at all.

  17. speaking reddit r/FreeKarma should be shutdown, it's nothing more then Karma Farming for Spammers to get enough Karma to then spam the crap out of other subreddits.

  18. Wait, so Trump constantly vilifies minorities and now REPUBLICANs/conservatives are saying people ruined social media?
    Ehh…that is not how it works.
    Why did Trump say when white people kill or disrupt/riots of KKK "very fine people from both sides" but when African Americans/Latinos/minorities protest or are part of a riot he has to say "to kill thugs and send the Army?"

    Because a lot of people of WHITE COLOR ARE….you guessed it….RACIST. ?

    Another Ben Shapiro…just what the world needed to spark more hate.

    Can't we all get along? We are living in the same country. Why not treat each other equally??‍♂️

  19. I guess you'll be bashing the military next because they have overruled the Donald… Or haven't you noticed what's going on at the WH… Maybe you're ignoring it on purpose❕

  20. This is the logical conclusion of leftism. They spiral out of control until it literally collapses.

    as it turns out, r/worldpolitics was just a precursor of what would actually happen just one month later in reality, with cities literally going up in flames, anarchists/leftists literally declaring that 6 blocks of seattle belongs to them, etc.