Including foreigners in military a ‘sign of how desperate’ the ADF is

Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell says including foreigners in the military is a “sign of how desperate” the ADF is.

“I think this is a pretty decent policy actually,” he told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“But I do think it’s also a sign of how desperate things are for the defence force at the moment to recruit people.

“Then you’ve got to start looking at salaries too I assume.”


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  1. People know that if war is declared they will be sent to a body pile.
    The ADF offer temporary cash bonuses as incentive (50,000 AUD) for 4 years
    It's too risky for people to stake their lives! We are limited to mercenaries
    and forced conscription will indefinitely cause a riot. we make do with what we can.

  2. ASPI (Australian Strategic Policy Institute) receives funding from defence contractors Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, Thales Group and Raytheon Technologies. It also receives funding from technology companies such as Microsoft, Oracle Australia, Telstra, and Google. Finally, it receives funding from foreign governments including Japan, Taiwan and the Netherlands. So the US sells us on a war and then sells us the weapons.,and%20defence%20and%20technology%20companies

  3. As an ex serving member of the RAR I’m glad that part of my life is done n dusted.
    The ADF talks the talk but rarely walks the walk they talk big on core values and being apart of a family/ team it’s an organisation entrenched in double standards and hypocrisy “do as I say not as I do mentally” heaven forbid you get injured or have medical issues while in service they will down grade you and toss you aside before you know what’s going on I saw it many times then left alone to fight the VEA for entitlements .
    Its full of booming Alpha males all vying to be the loudest with a sense of entitlement with puffed out chests.
    50k to re-enlist absolute madness bribing senior members to stay in it’s laughable !
    Maybe they should look at why the retention rate is so appalling and address that If you have to entice someone with 50k to stay do you really think their heart is in the role for the right reasons.
    It’s clear those members that are in have seen the light and seek something in civvy street where mutual respect and common sense is encouraged and rewarded.

  4. Who here remembers the you joined the army the army didn't join you. Well well well. I guess more and more people are not choosing the ADF. Next thing socialist labour will announce a ADF recruitment drive out of china.

  5. I served just over 20 Years in the Military, where I think we dont tap into a massive source of Knowledge etc is our Reserves and bringing in Mandatory Service for a spefcified amount of years. We need to keep our Discharging Members in our Reserves and try and keep them there. Look at other Countries, i.e Israel, there is Mandatory Service and you are always in the Military, able to be called up if required, other Countries around the world are the same. Think of the amount of Knowledge we lose from Serving Members who Discharge, why cant that knowledge be utilised, i.e Training etc. It will take a Major Conflict of which we will be involved to show that we are deficient in our Numbers, lets do something now.

  6. Taxing ciggies is against freedom. Give citizenship for 8 years army. Stop making the army clean up disasters. Take back the banks from private hands if you realy want to stop inflation. Current global monetary policy is a scam. Printing money is theft of the next generation. Charging intrest creates inflation. Government bank, dig up some gold, back the money, intrest free loans for housing to all citizens. Problem solved.

  7. Those of Islamic faith will not enter as the ADF embraces and is full of Rainbows.

    My time at Pukka was repulsive as Men where Sodomizing in the barracks.

    Godless and Cultureless…

    Australia will become strengthened via Islam

  8. How is the Defence Force going to recruit when Labor Government's always target Defence for cuts. How can they reduce the numbers in Land 400 The Infantry Fighting Vehicle. M113 is obsolete, Vietnam Era. Guess they are more worried about refuges and migrants than defending Australia. Disgusting and predictable of a Labor Giverment!

  9. I think this has to do something with the treatment of SAS soldiers..first they send them to fight Taliban and ISIS and then they charge them with Murder and threw them in Jail

  10. including foreign military merely reveals how Aussies no longer want to fight illegitimate, illegal and immoral US wars – Korea (none of our collective Western business), Vietnam (based on the Gulf Of Tonkin LIE) Afghanistan (illegal & immoral) Iraq (Gulf War II, baaased on the WMD lie, illegal and immoral) Syria (same), Ukraine (same)

  11. Once foreigners are brought in to cover the ADF thats the last straw. The govt no longer relies on the Australian population for ANYTHING. foreigners now serve as police/military/tax payers/voters, they're even happy to move to Australia and keep popping out kids so the birth rate is fixed for the govt once most of the childless australian population dies off/becomes an absolute minority. The WEF puppets in govt know no bounds. The people are merely numbers on a spread sheet at this point.

  12. We are taking Chinese nationals, we are only able to find out numerous information the CCCP allows …unfortunately many Veterans feel our Military, government, business,police etc infiltration is rife…I know so many white males that we turned away as we are still playing woke games….

  13. Our ADF has been used as a 'coalition partner' for the U.S.'s military interventions since the Korean War.
    Unfortunately the U.S. military is being used by significant Israeli lobbyist interests and its usurped Zionist State Department to destabilize the countries bordering Israel…Syria…Iraq…etc …soon to be Iran. The ADF shouldn't be part of it.

  14. Citizenship by service is fair. We should take a lesson from the SS and Wagner, and offer those in jail redemption through blood sacrifice as well. Honestly, if we are going to throw standards and moral values out of the window by coercion, there is no reason we should limit ourselves.

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