Incompetence at All Levels – RCMP Brenda Lucki to Global Affairs Canada – Keith Wilson

There seems to be no competence at any level of government as we look into Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act to quash the largest peaceful protest in Canadian history. Keith Wilson joins me to talk about these recent revelations.

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  1. An incompetent, unprofessional, dimwit is exactly the person trudeau wants in the rcmp commissioner's position, she's much easier to influence and control. FREEDOM♥️🇨🇦

  2. Lets look at lavelin and a couple more we and wef Trudeau foundation news networks banks and the carbon that makes trees grow and they are spending money for trees. wtf. they are way out of brain function going electric you need fuel to make electric that sucks in the cold. go fix a bridge with electric go fix a hurricane with tons of water with electric. this is to destroy what we need so we die

  3. I have no trust in this govt. Or rcmp…. I agree with keith wilson what a great lawyer…. The govt. Has ruined my country… I used to be proud of..
    It is the richest country in the eorld with the most corrupt govt. In the world

  4. When Trudeau came to office in Oct. 2015 , Canada was ranked 5th on the democracy scale
    by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), and our federal debt was $640 billion.
    Canada has now dropped down to 12th on the democracy scale and is $1.2 trillion .

  5. I think that everyone is missing the main issue. The inquiry is there to justify the use of the EMA. Dodging questions would be a tactic used to avoid being handed a guilty verdict by introducing reasonable doubt… but this is not a court case. Justification is not presumed, as innocence used to be presumed. They must prove justification and give the exact reasons for it being justified. Creating doubt is not enough. Sadly, no matter how this comes out, the media will paint the Convoy and protest as illegal or unsavory at the very least as often as they possibly can. The public will be won over by the spin.

  6. If Keith Wilson's voice of sanity does not prevail in bringing justice to the abused Freedom Convoy Participants, my faith in the future of human kind will sink even further than it has done during these last few years…
    Peace and love to all,

  7. This hearing is lasting longer than the Convoy. I so appreciate your recaps, Clyde. And what respect your channel has has to be able to have Keith Wilson and Eva Chipiuk accept your invitations to join you. Bravo.

  8. Thanks gentlemen , honestly It seems Canadian democracy is being dismantled . Thank you so much for being good citizens and fighting for our freedom . The corruption , incompetence is just sickening . The important question is what can we do to address this corruption ?

  9. I have lost all faith in all of our institutions. This is from banking, to finance, to the court system, lawyers, health system and the 'education' system. I speak as a former elementary school teacher who had a motto that if children didn't like school from kindergarten to grade 4, then Mrs. M. could help change their thinking. And I did. I also ran three times for school board trustee. I began my teaching career in 1980. However, it seems the 'education' system does not want a quality teacher. Today, I am a senior in my 7th decade of life and living and someone who has suffered tremendously because I speak the truth and live in reality.

  10. At what point do you judgmental people loose confidence in yourselves, governance, authoritarianism, and the majority supporting and perpetuating bullying, harm, and ruining innocent and helpless childrens lives??? What might it take to convince you all to see what you're all actually doing – specifically harming people and us all.

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