Incriminating Hunter Biden Emails CONFIRMED By Independent Source, MSM Forced To Accept Legitimacy

Ryan Grim and Alyssa Farah react to Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger’s new book. A portion of the book confirms that the NY Post’s 2020 reporting on two damning Hunter Biden emails was legitimate.

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  1. Rudy wasn’t the first to have the emails and disgusting pictures/videos but he was the only one willing to let the people know. The fbi had the laptop long before Rudy. Instead of these reporters mocking the “rollout” they should ask why didn’t the fbi investigate the entire Biden family and anyone connected to crimes in the photos and the clear corruption of pay to play. I would bet these same reporters either didn’t cover this or called it false when Rudy told the American people. I seen all the emails and documents are over a year ago. It was absolutely real.hunter recorded everything, literally everything.

  2. Biden has been a liar since the day he started his political career in 1972 and continues to this day and does not care about the American people only cares about his and Hunter's bank accounts and will sell out and destroy this country for his personal benfits.

  3. Ryan Grim say Russia stole the Podesta emails. Julien Assange deny that. William Binney say that the archives came from a USB (or other hard drive) because of the file structure (fragmentation pattern, blocking size etc) does not fit TCP/IP (net) transfer. If a USB stick was used it support what Julien Assange is saying. He also say that NSA would have a copy of the transfer if it was going through the internet (NSA monitor everything on the net). A person with access copied the emails to a USB stick & gave the file to wikileaks. This is another example why Ryan Grim should never be trusted. The guy have an agenda. And it has 6 figures.

  4. I do not understand why people and the media are not on a frenzied head hunt for hunter and joe (and fauci) after all that's come to light through their emails (and laptops) ??? To me this just shows people's hypocrisy and double standards….and the delusion that's seems to be taking over .

  5. Bobblinsky should be an adverb which describes the Biden Administration and Grim's delivery style…. I like it….There he goes bobblinskying again….And this is not about Hunter's problems, it is clearly about Bobbling Biden's claims that he had nothing to do with his son's business….

  6. U.S. citizens only please! It was an American election, thus our responsibility to prove and correct errors. All others if you will Please pray!
    We the people the American legal citizen will do all what is necessary Protecting and Defending to preserve Our U.S. Constitution of Law and Order. We know that our individual freedoms and liberty are granted by a almighty lived through our lives ,We the people. Therefore it is our responsibility as individuals serving one to the other who must Protect and Defend as one until death our U.S. Constitution. Otherwise, what happens is now in part being witnessed of these designed Leadership "roles". Some individuals have proved they refuse to follow our U.S. Constitution in not obeying the laws within it. These individuals have willingly transformed these Constitutional designed active “roles” of leadership into active dictatorships breaking the laws within our Constitution. They have chosen not to recognize We the people granting to be governed only by our U.S. Constitution laws. This is not them as in being ignore but rather treasonous towards our U.S. Constitution and Americans. The majority of Americans are not in dark even with all the cancellations, misleading s, lies or obstructions of having complete forensic audits performed that will verify the 2020 general elections and also their involvement. These horrible individuals have made it very revealing to people all around the world with their deeds effecting all. Placed in prison for life or death will be the price placed upon each their heads who dares to result the destruction by their actions against Our United States for America Constitution and the people for which it protects. By will of Almighty over all mankind their fate as ours will truly come! Remember once said, Let’s Roll! Now it is our time to Roll, Please sign on to this petition to Defend ours yours U.S. Constitution! This petition will be used in addition for the U.S. Supreme Court to witness to consider viewing the evident s. to be presented to them. Fix2020 First. com You may have to type closing up any spaces seen of this address since YouTube is being horrible too censoring the first amendment even of address links in comments given.

  7. OK, so once again, proof of criminality and intent is shown. Will, it once again be swept under the rug, or will some prosecution finally be effected on those guilty parties?

  8. Politico: "There may be fake material mixed in with the real, and the significance even of the material for which there is corroboration remains unclear."

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