India-China Border Clash: Chinese Police Cancel Online Discussion

Chinese and Indian soldiers clashed last year in a deadly border conflict along the India China border, called the Line of Actual Control. China has now released the number of PLA Chinese soldiers that died in that India China Standoff. But some Chinese netizens are questioning the official numbers. And that’s gotten them into big trouble.

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  1. Imagine you are the family that lost your son/brother and the chinese government not giving any respect to them after they gave their life

  2. I might be too late to comment here but one of our Indian Defence youtuber confirmed that the casualties they are reporting is only based on that video.
    Here's the official Global Times tweet about the video: "An on-site video reveals in detail the four #PLA martyrs and other brave Chinese soldiers at the scene of the Galwan Valley border clash with India in June 2020."
    If you guys rewatch that propaganda video, at one point, you can see a Chinese injured on his head. The thing is, the video was taken shortly after he and his 4 friends were beaten to death but he survived. Then according to China, they send military reinforcements and killed 20 Indian soldiers at night. But the thing is, the clash happened first at night and ended in morning, but according to the chinese video, the clash started at morning and ended in night. Just look how they have stitched the video together to show that they are the real winners. So China is only reporting it's casualties that happened at day, not at night

  3. Unfortunate for that spicypenball their gov. Are bullsh it who dont respect their very own soldiers that they are willing to lie just to look good in this issue.

    If there is anyone who need to be punish by that law, that is their gov. Itself ! They obviously disrespect those who died in the clash. They are the real criminals

  4. We heard Chinese casualty numbers as high as 135..
    Though US & Russia's Tass appeared to settle on 45.. maybe to not make too offensive for CCP 🙂

  5. Clearly, from the CCP released video, the mindless "pride-of-the-CCP" soldiers have laughable combat skills. Their tiny hands and feet don't help in melee fights or with balance on rocky terrain either. –And we all know what tiny hands and feet mean–???

  6. CCP is pathetic losers with weak, poorly trained Chinese soldiers who got utterly owned by the Indians.

    CCP can never win. It's only a matter of time before they lose

  7. @chinauncensored do you guys know that your videos are still getting adds? I don’t know how demonisation works on YouTube but if you’re videos are getting ads and you’re not getting any ad revenue , that sucks and is pretty shady just like how China operates

  8. It's true, only 4 were killed. The. Other 41 were not yet "registered" soldiers. It's also true they were killed "rescuing" their "comrades" because they were suppose to be the one doing the fighting and not the "recruits"