India, Peru, Israel: DATA CHECK! Australia Getting Worse, China Bans WHAT!? & Some Real Talk Coming!

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  1. I got a chance when they first started Queen for the concert for 1$ knew they were a great band, sorry I didn't make it to that historic first chance Queen concert

  2. Isnt that what people use to do, move to places where they did things that match what they want?? It seems like I remember that being a thing!

  3. Everything the globalists do is for a New World Order agenda. They are forming the 10 kingdoms. They want north America to be 1 country
    Same with South America.
    Everything they do makes sense if you understand their agenda.

  4. I can’t leave Oregon and find a beach just anywhere. I hate what liberals have done to Oregon. My kids and grandkids left. They’re worried for us because we still live under fuhrer Brown. We don’t want people to come here for their abortions.

  5. This is all Biblical and it's all about to cut loose. The globalists just gave a death cult a zillion weapons knowing full well what they would do with them.

  6. Bureaucrats and private corporation CEO’s requiring any medical procedure as a condition of employment are engaging in the practice of medicine , and illegally if they do not have licenses to practice medicine. Therefore, they must be held financially liable and criminally liable if they are not licensed to practice medicine for any and all averse effects of the required medical procedure. We need new laws to keep bureaucrats and private companies out of our medical privacy and when it is a question of a medical procedure supposedly needed for a person’s health or that of fellow workers, a licensed physician should be the person making any medical decisions and he should be held 100% liable for the consequences of that medical procedure.

  7. The experimental Covid mRNA injections overwhelm your immune system in fighting the resulting modified S protein instead of letting your immune system focus on all the colds and flus it normally protects a ‘non vaccinated’ person from. There is no proven ‘Delta’ variant. The ‘breakthrough’ cases are other cold and flu viruses.

  8. Horses eat apples. No one feeds horses donuts so eat donuts instead, especially if you can get the free donuts offered to those who took the experimental Covid shots.