Individuals who spoke out during pandemic (Mattias Desmet & Bret Weinstein)

Bret Speaks with Mattias Desmet on the subject of mass formation, a topic Mattias has spent a great deal of time exploring and has written a recent book on (The Psychology of Totalitarianism), linked below. They tackle this process from their differing backgrounds of expertise and discuss what it suggests about our path into the future.
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  1. If they hate me for not complying, that is on them. Perhaps those who have shunned me will come back into my life or maybe their chagrin or pride or whatever will fuel their attitude and rejection of me, so be it. I must stand for truth and I must sometimes stand alone.

  2. Yeah….for sure…some who introduced me to you and Heather soon distanced themselves from you…… my ‘former’ best mate doesn’t talk to me anymore because I destroyed the bbc to him with facts!! Certainly clown world!? 🤡🌍 your podcasts have vindicated my position, thank you 🙏😎👊

  3. I love this interview, thank you for sharing it. I feel the same way. The Lord revealed to me in late 2019 what was coming (although I had no idea of the magnitude), and I was convicted immediately to speak out. I've served as a hydrologist for the fed gov for over 3 decades, and I'm still standing strong on my convictions. I warned as many as I could get to listen, and still try to speak the truths every chance I get. I've struggled maintaining friendships with those that wouldn't heed my warnings. It's so sad to me that they trusted all my research and educated opinions for decades, and now all of a sudden I'm considered a conspiracy theorist. Now we're receiving emails on a weekly basis at work, with another unexpected death. I'm not sure what it's gonna take some of these brainwashed people to WAKE UP. Very frustrating…but I WILL CONTINUE TO SPEAK TRUTHS.

  4. Milk is small bits of information, meat is chunks, listen to information then mind makes a picture, eyes and ears, cognitive dissonance /ego, truth would have natural laws, apply natural laws to beliefs /problems, clean mess, reborn 👣you have to die to be reborn into the permanent place, this is a growing place, natural laws prove it. No such thing as DEATH it's just the body dropping off as it's served its purpose a symbiotic relationship vehicle, the life experience imprints the experiences onto the consciousness (blank as in never experienced) resulting in a unique eternal being, when you die your consciousness still thinks it has to breathe, eat, sleep, age, etc, it takes different amount of time for this old state to leave, you don't go straight to heaven see. Once your consciousness has accepted %100 that your now a eternal being and all that entails I "guess, as I don't know, you fall asleep and you stay asleep until the book of life closes and we all walk into heaven at the same time through the narrow door, shoulder to shoulder",MEAT?, I'VE BEEN DEAD, WALKING AROUND, TALKING, ASKING QUESTIONS, I DON'T LIE.

  5. It comes down to personal integrity. I once watched a TV programme where they used actors playing random people to set a false narrative in a street questionnaire. Like all [4] actors saying that an orange was an apple. So many people just fell into line and also said apple. Complete lack of integrity, honour and spine

  6. When I hear you talk about the feeling of support I get a profound sense of soul and of the essence of the Divine feminine (and incredibly powerful) energies within. A balancing and activating as our DNA and consciousness shifts and we evolve into homo noeticus.

  7. The c-crisis almost made me lose my faith in humanity but thanks to people like you two I’ve regained my determination to carry on and continue to be true to myself with the conviction that humanity is not an “accident de parcours”.
    In the end good will has to prevail even against all odds!

  8. You met high quality people Bret. What do you mean by that? What is high quality? Smart, intelligent people? Their inventions put us in this mess. I’d rather revert to a simpler world. Good people? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Only through a spiritual foundation can one know their divinity and place in life. But, paradoxically it can’t be forced on people, and can’t be understood with the intellect. It can only be cultivated through experience.

  9. [tall poppy in wind with peddles blown backward exposing the strong stem. Background: shorter poppies stems bend to the wind, but the peddles look good from a tilted perspective]

  10. Thanks. Do you know khazarian mafia ? Please bring the topic here which is kind of narrative called " khazarian mafia vs russia " if you know somthing about or ever you heard about this. One mor thing. Can you explain diferrence among Zionism . Bolshevism. Communism . ?

  11. Simplified this is just total understanding and no belief, total attention and no ignorance. Total understanding + total attention = love. Belief + ignorance = conflict.

  12. When Doctors,  nurses,  police,  army,  journalists, teachers, politicians etc who rejected lockdown and forced V are fired what you are left with are morally corrupted compliant criminals who will carry out unspeakable crimes against humanity. This is how camp guards are created. How do you think they will keep their privileged positions – by following orderz.

  13. "People are often prone to ask: 'Well, what's really special about humans? Really, in the end — it's *SPEECH*." –Brett Weinstein

    Which is why "In the beginning was THE WORD." (John 1) And the Creator SPOKE all things into existence. "And God SAID…" (Genesis 1)

  14. As a whistle-blower, thank you. I wish had found your comradery. February, 2020 CNN: Reporters Yong Xiong and Nector Gan and the Yong Xiong Lab in Yale for HIV and Cancer. I saw this when the Feb. 4, 2020 article went up…CNN Yong Xiong had not prior publications until this epidemic…I did 3 online videos on this…It many have been staged. Also, Dr. Lieber of Harvard Nano Technology and his links in Wuhan…

  15. Mass formation gave a new term to what many people were calling brainwashing or cultism. It seemed to take off like crazy, but the troubling behaviour was already old news. I think only certain people could see it because they weren’t pulled into it. In fact, I believe they were repulsed by it. It was baffling, that no matter how many things didn’t add up and no matter how many promises turned out to be dead wrong, the simplest little transparent excuse was enough to keep the facade alive. “We’ll just think how bad it would have been if you weren’t vaccinated.” That was the final resort after everything else failed. Of course it had nothing to do with science. There was no evidence that the vaccinated and booster fared any better than those who had zero injections. In fact, they fared much worse because their natural immune systems were shutting down.

    On a personal level, this experience has taught me a great deal about the human condition, but it doesn’t answer the question, “why”? It reminds me of those old psychology experiments where a group of people were shown a picture for a couple of seconds. The majority were told in advance to give a specific wrong answer as to what they saw. Most of the rest of the people (the real subjects of the experiment), would change their answer to match the majority. In a way, I think some form of this is what happened, but on a greater scale.

    It has not been lost on me just how strategic this attack on Western nations has been. The Globalists behind all this, went after control of the “authorities”. They managed through bribes, threats, legitimate funding or indoctrination (The WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program) to gain control over Government leaders, the Media, the Universities/Scientific experts and Supranational Organizations, like the WHO. In this case, the “authorities” took the place of the majority in those old psychology experiments. It seemed to me that for a great number of people, intellectuals included, no matter how many times they were lied to, they were primed and ready to believe the next lie…and the next…and the next.

    The proof of how bizarre this psychology experiment turned out to be is that we still don’t know how many people these experimental drugs killed in the short term. A Columbia University study, released in late 2021, estimated the number of Americans who died from short term side effects of the “vaccines” to be 400,000. I think that number was too conservative and the true number of Americans killed by these experimental drugs, shortly after injection, was likely between 600,000 and 1 million. Neither of those two numbers would be outside the bounds of previous studies that showed VAERS only captured from 1% to a maximum of 10% of the actual deaths cause by previous vaccines. We know that American hospitals forbade their doctors (the majority of doctors in America) from reporting vaccine deaths to VAERS.

    Even more bizarre than that, I don’t see any groundswell of the public or even alternative media personalities demanding an answer to such a fundamental and important question. This bizarre situation is made even more bizarre because it is taking place in a culture where companies were being forced to report every work related accident, no matter how small, right down to the tiniest ones that only required a band-aid. The contrast between that culture and the one that would shrug off an experiment gone wrong that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths is frankly mind boggling.

  16. I spoke up early and was shunned by mostly academic people..
    It's been extremely lonely.
    Almost everyone I know and love took it.
    Or multiple..

    I feel for all of us. Humanity has some more lessons to learn.

  17. Learned helplessness fueled by social isolation and misinformation. Some people see inconsistencies better than others and can’t help but speak up because we know it’s the only right thing we can do. No matter what it costs us.

  18. I know some that while soundly in the vax camp disagree with the mandating of the jab for children. It seems there is still some degree of reason 'over there' but these opinions were told to me personally and not publicly. When Brett and Mattias talked about how 'our side' allows for disagreement and open discussion and that's how we know that WE'RE not the victims of mass formation, that sentiment really rang true to me.

  19. So many lined up for the mRNA without a second thoughy, due to generations of cognitive dissonance using vaccines without question! Simply put, anti-vax is that rare genetic destiny intended for the enlightened being and all the others died when each was sacrificed on the alter of their beliefs! 💉💉💉

  20. I think women are most affected by mass formation because of their psychological need to conform to the social group they are in. Inorder to belong they will support irrational behaviour and feel threatened if someone disagrees with it because criticism makes them feel more insecure within the group. Opposition sets up a war between rationality and emotionality in their mind and most of them defer to emotionality. Hence you get the Karens. The reaon this mode of thinking has had such impact recently is because of the high number of women in positions of power and authority. They tend to think and react emotionally which makes things worse in leaderhip positions.

  21. People have always been this terrible, it's just the pandemic that brought everyone's shadow self to the surface. They did a better job of hiding it before.

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