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Why does corporate America get financial stability while the working class gets left behind? Jon sat down with Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen to discuss how America screws over its workers and what needs to change.

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  1. God I've never wished someone being struck mute before, but this old bag has me heated! How can you justify a company making billions while not paying a living wage so their metric fuck ton of employees have to rely on ebt instead of the company paying better?!?!?

  2. Chomsky said it best "Privatize the gains, and socialize the losses".

    You cannot have transformative change when the ones benefitting from a crony capitalist system are the ones in charge. The corporate media makes sure to whine, kick, and scream till you vote responsibly, meaning not for the progressive candidate or anyone challenging the revolving door of corruption.

  3. I'm so disappointed in Yellen's tone and approach to Jon's very serious questions. I don't understand why she doesn't simply agree about the validity of his approach: Make all corporations pay their workers a living wage.

  4. Walmart can’t leave the USA, it’s where the shops are. The laws need to change so they can be taxed in each of the tax jurisdictions they operate in rather than being able to shift it offshore to a low corporate tax jurisdiction like Ireland. Stop the sneaky accounting BS where all the expense happens in the higher tax jurisdictions and all the profit happens in the low tax jurisdictions. America has benefited too long from this so hasn’t been keen to help other countries sort this and has been gone so far as to threaten trade wars with countries trying to stop US multinationals taking the piss.

  5. Her answers about Walmart were absolutely tone deaf to the actual problem. She really thinks we should tax the employer to provide welfare for their workers ? What colour is the sky in her world .

  6. What she won't say out loud is none of the 2008 collapse should have ever happened if corporate, wall street, banking and mortgage company fraud was stopped in it's tracks when every one at the top knew this was being allowed to happen! So to dismiss the statement Americans lost there homes to corporate greed because the feds had to bail out all of the criminals or there would have been a depression! Well the truth is it wasn't a recession it was in fact a full blown depression but unfortunately ' TRUTH " is not very popular theses days but lies and deception is considered business as usual and that is proof " NOTHING HAS CHANGED "! Always remember folks this lady creature doesn't work for the US Government, she doesn't work for the American people she works for a privately owned corporation called the Federal Reserve and there mission just like corporate America and wall street is to make as much money as they can any way they can be it by hook or by crook! Good luck America your next carefully engineered Financial Collapse is right around the corner and you un willingly bought a front row seat to the biggest 3 ring circus freak show your Government could conjure up!

  7. The sad part is the vast majority of normal people in this country agree with what he's saying, but when they go to vote, BOTH of the parties that are viable to vote for are bought by the corporations.

  8. In order to do its work, government needs money. There are two choices: taxes or state-owned businesses. People need to decide which one they'd rather deal with and then shut up about it. Pay your taxes or accept communism, not avoid your taxes while screaming about the evils of communism (or socialism these days).

    Corporations want to pay less taxes? Fine, then pay your workers a living wage so that they don't need to subsist on tax-funded programs in order to survive. Otherwise, pay your damned taxes.

  9. as an old walmart employee, im literally screaming and growling at the shit jons saying…. PLEASE DONT STOP…. only sad that the only ppl that will reach this are already subjegated to their own sub communities

  10. The saddest part? Prof. Yellen teaches at Berkeley for decades. You can't find someone from a more liberal background. The belief in capitalism is the problem, isn't it.

  11. 4:50 into the video, we see bribery being redefined! You know, this is not a problem that's restricted to America – it's a problem the world faces! Different countries cut corporate tax. Companies can tell governments, cut our tax rates or we go someplace else!

    Here's an idea, why won't Governments say, "Pay your taxes or shut shop!"

    What no government, government official, treasury, or anyone who has an iota of power, can ever do is say no to what the corporations want – why? Because the corporations make the political party members that get elected into government offices, richer – not the government. The people who get themselves elected into government office. In essence, It is corruption that prevents governance from cracking down on corporations.

    And this is not a problem restricted to America – it is a problem that every single country that has any system of governance faces, whether representative, or otherwise.

  12. It's a riot to listen to this neoliberal, capitalist shill Yellen, especially when the dems just decided to repeal SALT and give millionaires a 300 billion dollar tax cut in the Build Back Better bill (which is nothing but a tarted-up privatization hustle based in large part on an idea from the Trump administration). All while we have no minimum wage, no universal health care, no extension of unemployment, no presciption drug negotiation, no student debt relief. There is no difference between the two parties, and there's zero difference between any of the hacks like Yellen whom they hire as apologists for a corrupt plutocratic class and a system that is rotting from the inside out.

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