Infections, high but declining

Covid symptoms continue to evolve, sore throat now most common.

US, proportions of circulating variants

BA.5 81.9% (78.7%)

BA.4 12.9% (17.2%)

BA2. 12.1 5% (3.4%)

BA.2 0.3%

BA.1 0%

BA. 2.75 (24 UK cases)

UK, Technical briefing data

Zoe data

R = 0.9

About one in 17 currently infected

Declining in all areas of UK

Most infections are new

BA.5 is infecting recent BA.2 infections


UK, increase in urinary frequency

List of covid symptoms

Sore throat, 59%

Headache, 49%

Cough, no phlegm 43%

Blocked nose, 42%

Runny nose, 40%

Cough with phlegm, 39%

Hoarse, 39%

Sneezing, 32%

Fatigue, 30%

Muscle pains 24%

Dizzy, 19%

Swollen neck glands, 15%

Altered smell, 15%

Sore eyes, 14%

Chest pain / tightness, 13%

Fever, 13%

Loss of smell, 12%

Shortness of breath, 11%

Earache, 11%

Chills or shivers, 10%

Health study data

Symptomatic cases, 176,147

Current symptomatic prevalence, 3, 480, 836

UK, latest data


Decrease from 20th July

4.83% in England (1 in 20 people)

5.14% in Wales (1 in 19 people)

6.18% in Northern Ireland (1 in 16 people)

5.17% in Scotland (1 in 19 people)

Antibody levels

The presence of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 suggests that a person has previously been infected with COVID-19 or vaccinated.

179ng/ml level

800ng/ml theshold

US data

US hospital data

Current 7 day average, 6,186 admissions

Down 2.7% on the week

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. "Captured" testing in the U.S. is very low. Most people use home test kits or skip it entirely. The U.S. must be relying on hospital testing for its data. Really enjoy your informative charts and videos, Dr. John. Many thanks.

  2. Your mistake is to assume the vaccinated are developing natural immunity. They're not. They will never develop nucleocapsid immunity like the unvaccinated. You've been wrong about omicron before. You're going to be wrong again on natural immunity for vaccinated.

  3. I'm in the US, and my husband and I (who are both fully vaccinated + 1 booster each last December) finally got covid last week. He started feeling symptoms (headache, stuffy nose, and fever) on Sunday night, and on Wednesday afternoon I started getting a sort of tickle in the back of my throat. I never had a "sore" throat; the feeling I had was like post-nasal drip but without a runny nose to cause it. Although I had been testing negative at home Monday through Thursday morning, I got a PCR test Thursday afternoon, which came back positive, confirming the at-home test I took on Thursday night that was (finally) positive. My symptoms have been pretty mild, thankfully: the "sore" throat, as well as a fever 100°F, scratchy voice, and a little cough. I would second the finding of urinary frequency: both my husband and I have needed to use the bathroom significantly more while having covid.

    I was prescribed Paxlovid on Friday and started taking it Friday night. The worst side effect I have encountered (although there are ones worse than this) is a metallic taste in my mouth. I start to taste it within two hours of taking the medication, and it lingers for the better part of nine hours. When it dissipates, it's just in time for the next dosage to be taken.

    Lastly, unlike previous strains, my husband and I know many people in our circles who have finally been hit with covid. Luckily, all seem to be doing well with mild symptoms.

  4. Haven't heard of any new Covid cases in my immediate circle for several weeks now. I was talking to friends at the weekend and most said they were no longer following any Covid related news – everyone was just talking about the holidays they had planned!

  5. "I managed to get away without this COVID thing for 2.5 years, and now I got infected"… That sentence is quite applicable to me too. Would be funny if this thing hadn't hammered me so badly.

  6. If the immunity is a month, but we all get it within a month, would that be the end of omicron….? When I got it after Glastonbury, mild like a cold, but yes peeing so much I thought I had diabetes and was about to get a blood sugar tester and then got better and it went away. Very odd.

  7. My dad got Delta in December and still can't smell or taste. He does get a slight bitter taste with most things he eats, which sounds worse to me. He hadlost 30 pounds though, which is a good thing since he's obese.

    I recently got covid for the first time (that I'm aware). It was basically just a cold (I've had 3 shots). Though I wasn't trying to get infected, I'm almost relieved because I'm taking a trip to Scotland in September and I'm hoping being recently infected will protect us on the trip. I'll be wearing a mask on the plane and crowded places anyway. Just in case. Travel to the UK is expensive for US citizens. Don't want our expensive trip ruined with a case of covid.

  8. August 1 2022 almost into the 3rd year of corona virus pandemic 2019… in the 3.5 year of the vaccine free 1918 corona pandemic 1 person died of corona virus infection.??

  9. I would like you opinion on the Moderna MSH3 sequencing patent that is showing up in SARS Covid-19. I believe it was created in 2017? It is part of the MRNA vaccine that Moderna has created as well. It is very interesting that the CEO of Moderna also was part of the group that built the wuhan lab????

  10. The increase in urine is an interesting observation. I had this for a couple of weeks. I got thirsty in the evening, drank water until the thirst was gone, only to have to get up and pee in the middle of the night.
    I wondered what was happening. I'm not an old man with a weakening bladder. The thirst seemed nothing unusual considering the temperatures here but why was my body demanding so much water only to get rid of it quickly?
    Since my bloodwork showed slightly unusual values for kidney indicators I had a 24 hour urine collection and analysis. Nothing of medical relevance showed up.

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