Inflation At 40 YEAR RECORD HIGH After Rising 7%. Feds To Raise Interest, IGNORE Supply Chain Woes

Ryan Grim and Kim Iversen discuss the rising cost of consumer goods and the debt crisis currently facing some American families.

President Joe Biden image courtesy of AP Photo/Patrick Semansky.

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  1. You can't reduce inflation by spending more money. You want to reduce inflation you need:
    1) Reduce federal deficit
    2) Increase interest rate
    3) Remove harmful regulation

    Simple really, done hundred times before. Biden does not want to do anything of that so he is going down like Carter.

  2. Some of this inflation is really price gouging on the part of business. Then they can double whammy the Democrats by saying "look at their policies driving up prices" while increasing prices and lowering the chance of progressives holding office which will reinforce their monetary power when conservatives gain office. Oh and the prices? They arent coming down even if conservatives win 2022.
    I'll give conservatives credit for allowing stupidity to seep into our nation for the last 60 years. They definitely did a good job there.

  3. Inflation is 7%, and hospitality got a raise of 16%, so that nets them 9%? lol, that's not how the math works, but yes they did technically make money so maybe stick to that line instead of trying to give a specific number if you're not sure how to do the calculation, although it is pretty simple and anyone can look it up.

    Great piece BTW, love the coverage and keep up the good work guys!

  4. Big deal 40 years high inflation nothing for grandpa in DC for over 150 years and multiple arrests fighting for our freedumbs and civil liberties along MLK NOT. Give it a decade or two Joe’s gonna fix it all by shutdowns and mandates No Malarkey

  5. When the market crashes, that will create deflation. If you look at dollar value over time, it always rebounds after the crash. This is because the crash literally wipes out trillions in wealth. This shrinks the money supply. Lending stops almost entirely, again shrinking the money supply. The Fed has all of this plotted out and does it on purpose. Just make your moves out of the market now

  6. seriously Unemployment is not paying a lot of people I'm one of them . and guess what.. I didn't lose my job I work for food factory that have to close about three to four weeks a years for installing new equipment. OR for production adjustment. they owed me at least three weeks .. it took me about 5 month before they paid me this money and again they still owe me from last year one week until this day they have not paid me yet . Unemployment are not reliable source of income at all I wish if i can have the payroll stop giving the state money for something they don't want to provide !!!

  7. I love how the urban people say that people shouldn't have to work if they don't want to, but then they forget about the supply chain: getting food to the market, etc.
    And people in rural America can't afford to stop working, truck drivers need to transport the goods, people need to man the stores, etc.

  8. Raising interest rates to control inflation hurts the bottom of the population. Raise taxes to control inflation and it doesn't hurt anybody. Raise taxes on people making over $150,000 a year

  9. We are all sitting in from of our TVs and watching the train wreck that is the Biden Administration. The missteps , the gaffs, one crisis after another. Some people put their heads in the sand & other people delight in his failure. I cry because it isn’t really just his failure. America is the real loser because of his aimless, misguided and radical agenda.

  10. As inherited from Trump. oil issue is from the price war between Russia and Saudi last year. US is independent due to shale oil coming into production. High cost is from oil companies gouging.

  11. I thought in free market capitalism the MARKET set the rate ??? You mean we have communism for the elites and phony capitalism for the rest of us ? What is a federal reserve note worth in reality ? NOTHING. Printed out of thin air and not worth the ink on the paper.

  12. Excuses for inflation… everything else costs more. MOST businesses are now recording HIGH profits. You couldn't have high profits if everything else costed more. You have high profits when it costs the same, and you increase prices. THAT IS IT! Increase prices. Homes are higher because big companies are investing in them. Gas is higher, because it is an excuse. People are being paid more, because other people feel bad about the job they have to do.

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