Inflation continues to surge – 7%

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The RBA has some work to do.


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  1. Wait until the credit default swaps get triggered. Warren Buffet has called them Weapons of mass economic destruction. Many Credit Default Swaps may soon be triggered and implode all Western economies. Why? The big monster in the room(rising interest rates)

  2. Inflation is going onwards and upwards.The economies are now turning inflation into a rubberman that goes up on auto. with other indicators increasing inflation not decreasing inflation.

  3. Housing will crash in value but may not in price. They are not remotely the same thing. The crash has begun as prices of essential needs rise whilst houses either fall or stay stagnant. The value of houses against food and energy and commodities has begun and IMO in the early stages. The price is irrelevant and I think in the end you will see what I mean.

  4. We have all been sucked into this old view that you fix inflation by increasing interest rates. That only works when you have normal supply in place, we dont and inflation is in essentials. Increasing rates also inceeases cashflow to investors, which counteracts the misery placed on borrowers. This is like throwing the baby out with the water, except this will cause much much more financial loss to generations, that loss will be much higher than the inflation rate and interest rates wont significantly effect inflation

  5. Why do people believe the rba prints money? They borrow from the IMF and World Bank in Washington, they arw the onlu ones who print money…it used to be also Moscow pre 1990…now its onlu Washington….no way in the world would they allow lottle ol Australia to freely print money ha ha ha

  6. Mr Florian, what's this inflation thing you are talking about? No Inflation in the Antee. Just grab what you want/need and walk out the door. Dont worry, cops are too busy in courts, no time to arrest criminals. The Antee, boundless opportunity

  7. rents = 7% + X%
    houses = 7% + X%
    electricity = 7% + X%
    water = 7% + X%
    fuel = 7% + X%
    groceries = 7% + X%
    building materials = 7% + X%
    labour = 7% + X%
    misc = 7% + X%

    where X = anywhere from 10% to 100%

    inflation rate: 7%?????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. I'm calling it now. It's going to get to a point where it will be so bad, war will most certainly have broken out by this time, conditions at home home will be so uncomfortable and daily living as per normal is no more. Unelected International powers will offer a global solution where you'll own nothing and be happy. 100% solely dependant upon people you know nothing about. Slaves that don't know they're slaves. Ignorance sure is the root of all suffering.

  9. If inflation was calculated using the same metrics as in the 80's then inflation would be over 15% which is the real inflation that we have. The manipulation of inflation calculation using hedonics etc is just to make the rate look lower than it really be is. Just more lies from Govt.

  10. Housing won't crash but over the long term, just as now, most mortgagees/ homeowners will be asset rich and cash poor. This is the lot of most pensioners nowadays. Inflation and ridiculously low interest rates over the past decade have eaten away at their savings.
    The myth that real estate investment creates wealth for all is believed by many Australians. Any investment returns including those in real estate reverts to the median over the long term. ,

  11. I'm watching my budget and saving money, and I only pop out of 1.99% fixed around March 2025.. but that time will pass quickly, and who knows if rates will be back to any reasonable level by then.

  12. U an't seen nothing yet!! You can't see the forest because of the trees.
    The coming "The Great Depression" on steroids! I could could show you and you will experience an apiphany! Just don't you shadow ban me!!

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