INFLATION Fuels Biden COLLAPSE As Plurality Fear Recession | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar look at how inflation and other economic problems taking place are causing Biden’s poll numbers to worsen particularly among crucial independent voters

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  1. Biden & his team full of BS, he can barely remember his name, we pay a lot in taxes, rich folks dodge them, white house staff is focused on using insider trading to get richer, we pay them to get more wealth & dodge more taxes. Beginning to hate the idea of having a government, and think the wide west would be better.

  2. Not even considering Biden's back end deal with his son Hunter to grow his wealth, and who knows what other backed deal he has done. Sound like a thief that should be in jail. Any other average citizen would be already behind bars.

  3. Krystal and Saagar went on and on how inflation is nothing to fear just a couple months ago. They called people talking about inflation as fear mongers. Krystal always said if the government gave money to people for free inflation would not be a side effect…. You always want to "stick it to" the mainstream media, how are you different? You pushed a narrative that wasn't true. Where is the piece on how wrong you were?

  4. So for those paying attention since COVID has changed our world we have faced: imminent collapse of the entire global financial system in spring/summer 2020, rioting and a Trump takeover in Fall 2020, corona zombie apocalypse winter 2020-21, hyper inflation in spring 2021, and now another depression heading into winter 2021. Will any of these doomsday predictions come true, or is it merely that fear is lucrative?

  5. Based on bank lending (rates are ticking up) and their current moves to significantly impose very stringent lending standards, and what appears to be risk management over-corrections — a recession seems imminent. Banks & Wall St see the meta-data and move to tighten lending policies quickly. It’s happening right now.

  6. The destruction of america's economy doesn't bother the "dems". They're doing it on purpose. They're not worried about elections. Their donors own the ballot machines. Their donors own the mainstream news media.

  7. I’m among those “lifetime democrats” you’re talking about. I’m just leaving the system. I’m going to focus on myself and my family instead of trying to change the system over which I have no influence

  8. We do not have a competent President,Vice President or Speaker of the House – of cards –
    I’ll opine on where I live, both State ,and Local .
    City Hall is just cashing their huge checks,while we have so many homeless ,syringes on the sidewalks,junkies shooting up in the open,smash,and grab,looting,violent crime,Asians being targeted to a degree you wouldn’t believe .etc.etc.etc.

  9. He's made several promises and has not keep his word. So why would he how. That's why I didn't vote for him. When you make promises you need to keep them period. But he isn't well. In my opinion. Plus going to a summit while our country is in shambles. Plus he goes home every weekend to sleep. He needs to bring Washington taking care of this country. We are one of the most clean countries in the world when it comes to energy. I'm all for green energy but our country is in a really bad place with no one stepping up to take care of it. It's just really sad.

  10. I wanted Trump to win. It didn't happen. I can live with that.
    I wanna ask the people voting for Brandon.
    Can you live with $ 5 gas prices and unregulated immigration and inflation and whatever is going on in the school system and the supply chain breakdown and vaccine mandates and the police defunding and the widespread shoplifting and small time looting ( only in democratic cities of course ) ?
    And the new billionaires taxes? Which is good. It is just to make sure he is not gonna miss anyone Biden is gonna start from everyone making 400 K or more.
    Are Biden's voters so stupid.
    And how does the commercial say: "But wait, there is more". Biden has three more year. Osama couldn't bankrupt the country but the way I see it Brandon is ahead of schedule. He may not need the next three years to do it. He can do it buy middle of his only term in the White house.

  11. Im not liking this as much anymore, esp Krystal…her bias jab talk against the previous president is unnecessary, yet she feels the need to express it everytime. I prefer the other black gentlemen over her comments anytime. X out when krystal talks.

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