Inflation Hits 32 Year High, Dems Coin Astroturfed Meme “Biden Boom”

It’d be more sane to admit it has major issues and make vague pledges to fix them, than to pretend the issues do not exist:

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#Bidenboom #Bidenomics


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  1. So, they told a lot of people to go home and stop working. They then said, "okay, you can go back to work now". They are crediting themselves with those returns as an increase in employment? Maybe I'll try taking longer breaks at work for a while, then return to my regular schedule and ask my boss for a raise as I'm working more than before I went on the enhanced break regime.

  2. Personally don't care. Everyone wonders why melinials are so nihilistic and black pilled…well they are about to find out. I stayed prepared invested properly and prepared for the bidenocolypse. The whole thing could collapse tomorrow and me my husband and my kids could ride it out for years. Not friends and family that ride on that stimi and welfare tho.

  3. If energy costs go up (including gas, but any petroleum source), then the cost of everything will go up. This terrible economy all started back on day one of this administration when FJB canceled XL pipeline.

  4. You would think after all that happened in the 20th century and with all that continues to happen, the very salient matter of the state's ability to create money would not fall under severe scrutiny.

  5. The oil we got from the reserve dropped gas prices in my area by 15 cents for about 2 days.. and now it’s going back up.. and by no means was that 15 cents good for anything. Still paying $1 more than 2018+. Biden and this administration didn’t release this oil to help prices. It was done to cripple our reserves… like he’s crippling our economy.. a total weakening of the USA making us extremely susceptible to collapse.. especially in the face of war.

    We really need to get these guys out of office.. never should have been there in the first place.

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