INFLATION Hits 40 YEAR High Destroying Wage Gains | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar provide the updated statistics on inflation happening throughout the economy and the toll it is having on the wage gains made by workers

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  1. Bring Peter Schiff on the show. He is an economist that has been saying Fed printing and government policies were going to cause run away inflation. Respectfully, you guys don’t know much about economics. Peter would be a benefit to Krystal, Saagar, and everyone who watches the show. Real inflation is likely ~14%. The government CPI is rigged to produced more favorable numbers. @Breakingpoints

  2. My wages have steadily DECREASED since the 1990s, and that’s true for many creatives (animators, illustrators, designers, writers, musicians, etc). Outside of retail and the service sector, who is seeing an increase?

  3. Wage increases not due to productivity is inflationary, duh. Labor for the same work has less worth every day. That is normal in any economy. Move up and produce more and do not try get paid more for the same work.

  4. Right before the 2008 crash…..gas was over $4 gallon for several months.
    People couldn’t afford gasoline for their work commutes – cutting into their food and utility budgets – which ultimately led to defaulting on their mortgages!!
    It all started with high inflation on gas at the pump.

  5. First, last year was a fluke, so any year over year inflation numbers aren't entirely accurate. What was the amount of deflation from 2019 to 2020?

    This does seem like an organized Republican business strategy to take down any Democrat administration they don't like though. And the media is just all repeating the same things and not doing any investigation into what else is going on. Breaking Points did do more research than others though.

  6. I don't know what it is about this topic, but it really comes across like both of you are bending over backwards to say that there are many contributors to this inflation, but neither quantitative easing nor spending $5 trillion is one of them. This doesn't pass the sniff test, and the dogmatic way that you two avoid the 800lb gorilla of over-spending is losing you credibility with at least one viewer.

  7. I feel like you both "held back" your true opinions about this inflation situation. Say it LOUDER AND CURSE AND FUCKING BE PISSED OFF ABOUT IT!! I AM!! THESE FUCKING CUNTS WITH ALL OF THEIR WEALTH ARE CONTROLLING THE PRICES OF GOODS AND SERVICES TO MAKE A PROFIT! It is unsustainable….

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