Inflation Hits 5.4% in June, .5% Above Expected: Bidenomics!

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  1. There is so many idiots right now some with college degrees still saying well can’t we just print more money or spend our way out of this problem, I know a ton of people that don’t know that our currency is virtually all fiat paper currency. All these people taking jobs at Amazon at 20$ an hour don’t realize that their real wage is about half and the MSM has reported that corporations like Amazon,McDonalds etc are modernizing their stores or businesses with AI and robot tech to make up for paying the high wages this is creating the perfect storm for mass layoffs and even larger unemployment in the not so distant future. They can’t keep affording to pay these wages forever unless there is more inflation or what would be hyperinflation and people would be working essentially to pay rent/mortagage,food/water and gas their cars with goods and services vastly increasing .Elon Musk just endorsed those modular homes that’s because with the socialist/communist storm brewing everyone will have to move in 50,000$ modular homes that all look the same and electric cars which all auto corps are starting mass producing. It’s going to be way worse than Jimmy Carter we won’t survive economically until 2024 election.

  2. The child tax credit is starting, there is another big surge coming into the M2. Lumber is crashing due to over production now that BC has reopened logging so there is now a surplus. With oil and gas going through the roof fracking on private land has restarted so soon there will be a oil and gas glut. Those commodities will fall into deflation. Crop losses continue and food scarcity is a very real danger. These are similar to what happened before the great depression. They suffered infrastructure failure as well due to the dust bowl that clogged the rail lines. Now we are having problems with that too. Doesn't take an economist to see the hand writing on Wall Street. That great reset is happening as I write this. The market keep setting new records and retail investors are dumping their assets into over valued equities and mutual funds. I wouldn't put any of my assets there either. You can't eat gold and silver so non-perishable food and other commodities are the only safe haven I see. That is where my saving is going. I'm canning like crazy this summer as the crops start coming in. My wife, like lots of others, are in the used car market and it is at the highest level of inflation right now. I've explained holding cash to buy that PU is losing value everyday but we can't find what she wants at that price. We're in for a wild ride and I know from living through the 70's that we may be sitting around in hats and sweaters with the thermostat at 55 and driving 55. Sorry Tarl, that one was on Ford (wage and price control too) and yes there can be a 5 quarter lag within an artificial economic shut down. This is the cumulative effect of pent up demand hitting limited supply.

  3. My workplace is so short staffed they are calling in higher paid workers to do lower paying jobs. A new guy literally walked off frustrated in his 1st week and they let him keep working even though he sucks.

  4. You can make all the right financial choices just to be fucked over buy some asshole thousands of miles away you never met and who doesn't even know you.

  5. I feel for my 31 year old nephew who graduated as a mechanical engineer and bought a beautiful house in Denver. F&&& Polis. We've been trying to get rid of him for 2 years.

  6. Well hopefully the military removes him and puts him on trial for treason before he destroys the entire nation. Used to be when your working directly for a foreign communist power, that was treason.

  7. i love listening to the radio in nyc, inflation has nothing to do with biden –-' especially the gas prices going up, has nothing to do with biden –-' htf do people live like this????

  8. Oh you mean the same people who are being hurt the most by Democrats are the ones that they lambast every day and call every name in the book?

  9. Yes laziness is a factor, but so is the way most corporations treat their employees, and money aside people would be more willing to return to work if the situation were less exploitive and abusive.