Inflation Hits YET ANOTHER Record High Milestone, The Biden Administration Is TOXIC

Guest: Kim Iversen
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  1. When we raise wages, whether though raises or minimum wage the government and the insurance companies get a raise because they work on percentage of wage. I've had jobs in the past where I got a raise and made less a week because it put me in another wage bracket. The people that built your house had to build it by a building code. A lot of jobs today require a degree even though you don't really need it to do the job. A lot of small businesses were destroyed in the last couple of years so that big business could profit.

  2. Your trying to pay for things with only 160 candy bars a week.

    7.25 for 60 minuets = 12 cents a minuet

    A Hershey chocolate bar is about $1.10 after taxes.

    That means you’d have to work at a cash register for 10 minuets to get a chocolate bar.

    (10 min because you don’t get paid in seconds)

    That means if you work for an hour, you can only afford 6 chocolate bars.

    Let’s say you work a full 8 hours. You make 58 bucks.

    $58 = 52 chocolate bars

    7.25 for 40 hours is $253 after taxes.
    After a 40 hour work week you get = 230 chocolate bars.

    Now you have to subtract for gas (let’s say, once a week)

    Now your looking at 190 chocolate bars 🍫 for working a full 40 hour week.

    Now let’s say your doing minor car maintenance: oil change, car wash, filling tires with air, inspection, windshield wipers, etc. your looking at let’s say 160 chocolate bars 🍫

    Do you think you can pay for your electricity bill, water bill, housing, food, clothes, insurance, with 160 candy bars?

  3. She's just defending herself, the idea of most people not needing togo to a University in order to be "successful" goes against everything she been told.

  4. This old lady was making sense until her defense of university’s. I feel like Americans are almost brainwashed into thinking university is something it isn’t. I met way more stupid people at universities than the real world and the majority of people there weren’t learning tangible skills or knowledge directly apply able to the real world. Outside of select fields (i.e. medicine, law etc) college seems like a massive scam. I learned more about programming in the real world, by myself and community college classes I took for fun than I ever did at a major four year university.

  5. A better way of life and living will only get accomplished by voting out this President and his administration including all the people in congress that is allowing him to trash our country.

  6. So… her solution is rising minimum wage and controlling prices. Yeah, that was never tried before, go for it.
    As a economist and a latin american, which these policies thrives, i'm always amazed how they keep defending it against all the data and theory.
    Minimum wage will not cause inflation only when the supply isn't in maximum capacity, if it is, it will cause inflation of the goods low income people consume, despite the amount of money in circulation, because price is a valuation of scarcity, not greed.
    If producers can't profit, they will not produce. Even if they can profit, but it will profit less then others market, they will not invest in that market, causing scarcity of supply, which will inflate that market in the long run and so on.
    It always happens that way, when will people learn?

  7. I was working at Vulcan Chemical on some fractional distillation columns in chloromethanes ( those big towers that stick up in refineries). Dave, a mechanical engineer gave me a drawing of one of our towers that didn't work well and he gave me a book on how distillation columns work, I fixed all the incorrect instrument locations. Plant operator said the new Distiller ran like a Cadillac. I learned to draw in school but I didn't learn a single thing about where to put instruments on a distiller at all. 😉

  8. I find it funny when you make a product, just a few, the cost per item is high. If you make a lot of them the price per item should drop…..think ordering an item in quantities 10 vs 10,000 cost. The total is higher but the cost per item drops considerably.

  9. Well, if everyone decided to be twice as productive then the products would double (doubling the supply), which would reduce the prices of those goods. In turn, this would increase the standard of living for everyone. But like Tim said, if there's a supply issue for labour and people don't want to work then your workforce isn't productive enough to collectively increase the standard of living😉

  10. You are exactly right about your views on going to college. I have 8 children. We mostly could not afford college for them. But all 8 children are successful in life, half of them own their own businesses, one runs a business for the owner, they all own their own homes with paid up mortgages and two are millionaires. All of them work hard….I believe that having many siblings, children learn a better work ethic. I am 78 years old having had two careers. I was an RN and then later in life became a realtor.

  11. Leave it to an "educated" person to not understand how the world really works. Real world experience counts for much, much more than a college education in most cases. Id rather have someone who has already proven that they can do something than someone who was 'educated' and 'thinks' they can do it. This is why apprenticeships should be a more standard method of education, like they used to be.

  12. The purpose of minimum wage is to make sure that everyone who has a full time job can support himself/herself, to ensure that person doesn't live under social welfare. If you allow the system to pay someone 2 bucks per hour then that person will never be able to support himself.

    So minimum wage is "necessary" to exist, but raising minimum wage usually comes with more people losing jobs and higher inflation.

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