Inflation Is Still Alive And Well!

THe latest monthly data from the ABS revealed that inflation at the top line and core both rose in November, despite changes to the weightings.

As a result, this puts more pressure on the RBA for at least a 25-basis point hike in the cash rate in early February. The markets are still expecting more rate rises ahead.

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  1. Only the economic illiterate would want the economy and households destroyed to prevent good and services going up by a relatively small amount, or how about deciding on an individual basis not to buy certain things.

  2. RBA should be cranking the rate lever far harder… too busy trying to support their mates and covering their dirty tracks… RBA Geniuses have sent the Aussie economy careering out, like Wiley Coyote speeding over the abyss… time to look down!!!… but its far far too late… plummet!!!

  3. Jamie Dimon of JPM has raised his FFR terminal target expectation to 6.00%. If that comes to fruition then the RBA CR will rise to a minimum 4.50% and likely closer to 5.00%. That will send standard variable mortgages to >8%. Then sit back watch the implosion.

  4. Martin north doin' the rate hike dance – we goin to 5% this year ^~^

    Like I said last year, we should have ended the year at 4% so we behind now.
    RBA gotta deflate Housing bubble boogie. o /

  5. So the RBA are hitting the workers and consumers, which means property will become even more expensive. When mortgages are rolled over that will squeeze disposable incomes even more.

  6. if the RBA and fed remain reactionary there is little chance of a good outcome regarding the inflation spin the wheel till it falls of the pivot and rolls away game. This could have been bopped on the head with a proactive 5% hike rather than the BS "transitionary" lip service we were all being served.

  7. Run away inflation is a form of taxation that the central banks would prefer over the collapse of asset prices, whether that be in stocks or housing. Politicians love to pretend wages would fix the problem because it please the central banks and is friendly to those who voted for them.

  8. Rate tampering and population growth agenda for the sake of creditbubbles is the commonwealth slave game.

    Four flavours of the same shit, corporate sponsored.

    Just remind these people how they cheered it on even after it was questioned by a very elite minority. Slavegames

  9. We've been told the recent inflation is caused by the war in Ukraine and supply chain issues, how does the RBA think raising mortgage payments on Australian households will stop the war in Ukraine, and fix the supply chain issues, is there anyone out there that can explain that logic to me please.

  10. Lets put North's scare campaign into some factual reality. Since Covid, Brisbane house prices rose 32.7 % and have declined 9% since the peak in June 22. Therefore house prices are still 23.7 % above the start of Covid. Remember North in 2019 was calling for a bank collapse and huge falls in some of his senarios, it didn't happen, and North didn't apprehend government and RBA Stimulus either. Given, there is a rental crisis still happening in Brisbane, there aint no hot selling in the unit market either. On top of the rental crises, Brisbane net immigration is set to keep growing with interstate arrivals. Furthermore, adding to the shortage of properties, Mr Houseo Albo plans to let in 200,000 migrants per year. So sorry people, you have one argument, higher interest rates, but fail to counteract the factors which support property prices. Keep faith in your Youtube Messiah but over time you'll relise he has not called it correct once.

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