INFLATION Not UKRAINE: I Talked To 100 Working Class People About Their Concerns | Railroad Worker

Union railroader Charles Stallworth discusses top concerns for blue collar workers that he discovered in a new survery he conducted.

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  1. It was a little stunning to see the anchors' surprise by his answers. As he said, he is talking about real boiled down economics of daily life. It was nice to actually hear someone from the working class stating what is going on for the blue collar worker. I'd like to see more of this guest in the future. ..or even better, maybe Joe Rogan would pick him up as a guest.

  2. At this point if you don’t want to starve or you disagree with abortions with no excuse or limits, you vote Republican or don’t vote. The left has been horrifically destructive as of late. I’m still trying to figure out if they don’t care that they’re losing voters, despite it usually being their biggest priority, or if it’s intentional that our economy is being shot into the ground, as desperation makes for an easier campaign platform.

  3. It's kind of like Ryan is hearing about some rare exotic species when the guy talks about 70% of Americans. "Oh…so they don't like crime or living in their car? Hmmm…was this across the gender spectrum?"

  4. this guy lost all credibility when he said its the republicans signing up to give money to Ukraine when only republicans were the only ones opposed to it. go shill for the democrats somewhere else Charles

  5. Hack Yeah! Inflation in CA is at least 25%! It is like LOSING 2 to 3 months of salary pay in a year! How can people afford anything here with everything is so insanely expensive!

  6. Excellent! A real blue-collar worker. Nice to see. I'm white collar, but really sympathized with these forgotten folks. So much so that I'm now a full bloom conservative. Liberals are destroying our country.

  7. There is no working class party. Republicans are stopping wage increases and are the biggest champs of sending manufacturing jobs overseas. They have been anti union forever. Until i see a change in their actions , the working man has no friends in government.

  8. Middle class go to work everyday Americans Do Not care about the Ukraine We shouldn't be involved and shouldn't have given them a dime they are very corrupt and Biden is behind this mess

  9. I can't take credit for this because I overhead it at a Starbucks yesterday. I overheard two friends talking politics and one of them said "I identify as broke." Bravo to the gentleman wearing a Powell & Peralta Bones Brigade shirt yesterday at the Denver 16th Street Mall Starbucks. Bravo.

  10. "Blue Collar" or "Working Class" are terms that need to be thrown away. It just perpetuates the "us vs. them" mentality, whether playing the victim or the liberator.

  11. Dems have been consistent at destroying working class lives. I voted dem begrudgingly my entire life, but let’s be honest here; omnibus crime bill destroyed millions of black and brown lives, nafta was a big stab in the back of working class people, it affected my father and he was laid off. The deregulation of banking was democrats. We sent 53 billion to Ukraine that could have been invested in 53 cities to help with homelessness, jobs, etc. dems have no interest in governing just as you see Biden deliver NOTHING that he promised. Using centrist dems as a boogeyman for their failures is going to continue. Republicans are looking more appealing by the day, and that’s a scary sight.

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