Inflation rates: ‘Our children are screwed’ says Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn reacts to Rishi Sunak’s seven year tax reduction policy.

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  1. I hope people haven't forgotten that Sunak was fined for attending a party during lockdown. The same lockdown that we were told was essential, and the same lockdown that has put us in this position. He obviously didn't think it was needed, yet he still sits there claiming he's the man for the job. Get f**ked, Sunak.

  2. We need to end the Banks independence. I want to vote for the people who have a direct affect on my wealth. Seriously who the hell is Andrew Bailey?! He's clearly inept and out of his depth so why can't we the people, sack him?

  3. The Bank of England bowed to public opinion and failed in their duty months ago, leading to this.
    My mortgage interest rate was in double figures as were inflation rates and we all survived. It seems there are very short memories here and a lot of rubbish being spoken.
    Funny how we all survived without social media stirring the pot back in the day. If anyone studied and understood macro economics they would know what was happening now, if they wanted to, but it seems they don't!!

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