Inflation Soaring to 15%

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Experts are predicting inflation will surge to 15% in the United Kingdom as the cost of living continues to soar.

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  1. Went for breakfast in Sydney om Friday morning. Was charged $1.5 for a seat charge. Not necessarily inflation related but still first time I've been charged for a seat lol

  2. The problem I see with experience companies need to offer more jobs to the non qualified or experience and train them because I know alot and almost everyone I know who has upskilled in courses doesn't do that job
    The job needs to be there before you study

  3. Watch Joseph stiglitz he talks out of his ass , Australia not a neoluberlism country it a high tax country that growing the lower class more not capitalism, the left end goal communism we all in lower class poor

  4. Not only did people realize that the treadmill of life they were pounding was killing them, but the costs of traveling to and from work both in time and money was also detrimental.

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