Influencer/COVID Alarmist Doctor Exposed As FRAUD!

Pediatrician Risa Hoshino rapidly rose to the level of “influencer” during the pandemic with her reports from the front lines of the battle against COVID. But now according to an investigation by a blogger, Hoshino has been exposed as a fraud who apparently spent most of the pandemic treating patients remotely, and lying about the long hours and difficulties faced by the myriad children she treated with so-called “long COVID.”

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the revelations of Dr. Hoshino’s misrepresentations, and what impact her lies must have had on the COVID discourse in the United States.

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  1. Does not the medical establishment understand the damage that's been done to their occupation and reputation? Crickets. Personally, I'll never trust or respect doctors or hospitals the way I did before Covid. It was all only about control and money. Shame.

  2. That's what i don't get. There is absolutely no reason for them to create these huge huge fantastic lies, and yet they do. Unless they're getting paid to be a professional liar.

  3. The funny thing is although Jimmy has been right about Covid for awhile now the few YouTubers who are starting to say this stuff are acting like they have been saying it all along or now " the science has changed " yet nobody will admit that The Jimmy Dore Show, The Greyzone, The Joe Rogan Experience and Russell Brand, have been getting it right for awhile now.

  4. Well, if you are implying that 'Rona was lab made, you are spreading disinformation because it wasn't. It was zoonotic origination, like many other viruses. This happens all the time. There is ZERO evidence demonstrating "lab origin" because it wasn't. Ivermectin also doesn't work. Just because the D's say both those things doesn't make it false. That's fucking idiotic to even think that way. Truth is truth no matter who tells it. I give ivermectin to my pets as it is a dewormer. It works on PARASITES. There weren't any effective treatments, apparently, and just because the pharma "treatments" don't work doesn't mean ivermectin did. Ridiculous. Most people didn't need any effin treatment to begin with. Majority of people who died from COVID were already dying, so ivermectin didn't cure that either. Majority of people died WITH it.

  5. These alarmists and flat out liars cannot simply fade away and not be held accountable. It’s going to be up to us to keep the pressure on them and any official that tries to protect them. If not, this will not be the last time this type of crap or worse happens.

  6. These Nuremberg Code violators should be tried and hung. Examples must be made of these disgusting morally bankrupted sub-humans in positions of power and authority. Mankind needs to turn on them, and round them all up for their trials.

    This won’t ever end until we, as the human family, purge these evil parasites from our realm.

  7. So what do you think the story will be about the super spreader function of the WH Correspondence dinner? Seems like a plan to get to push mask mandates and lockdowns again.

  8. My friend who was 58, healthy, non smoker and unvaccinated died of medical neglect…not Covid! When CeCe went to the ER and was diagnosed with Covid, she requested ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. The dr told her those medications were not available. She then requested monoclonal antibodies, only to be told that’s only used on severe cases. They put her on Remdesivir. She was admitted with an oxygen level of 69 and the longer she was in the hospital it dropped to 40. The hospital never gave CeCe monoclonal antibodies. They intubated her and put her in an induced coma! CeCe didn’t die from not getting the vaccine, it was because medical professionals denied her medical treatment that has worked around the world! I have another friend in his late 70’s who is not vaccinated and caught Covid, but he used ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. His symptoms subsided within 3 days! His daughter is a dr.

  9. Buncha Larpers inventing characters to play their version of life with. I wouldn't care one bit, except for the fact that these clowns gain attention and influence society and policy.

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