‘Infringement on free speech’: ABC’s alleged censorship of anti-China comments ‘concerning’

IPA Communications Director Evan Mullholland says the ABC allegedly trying to censor a guest from making anti-China comments is a “concerning infringement on free speech”.

The ABC has denied the claims it is kowtowing to China after it reportedly directed ASPI senior analyst Malcom Davis not to make anti-China comments during an ABC radio interview.

“I don’t think the ABC should be called the national broadcaster, it should be called the taxpayer-funded broadcaster,” Mr Mullholland told Sky News host Rowan Dean.

“Because as Tony Abbott always says, on every single argument or skirmish with another country, the ABC tends to take the other country’s side and assumes that Australia has done something wrong.”


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  1. This is the directive from China the always stated Position of Federal Labor and the ABC nothing new there
    protestors these people are professional Climate emergency protestors but who pays their salaries .. are they professionals like university lecturers that have coerced students into attending as a motivator for higher grades they aval themselves of relevent information or just within the know circle echo chamber, while they drive their 4 wheel drive diesel Toyota's etc

  2. Isn't the ABC and China in pretty much a partnership? Like don't they get money from them? This is barley news. The reality is people who are represented and voted for Labour/Green/Teals condone this so what is the problem? They are the majority.

  3. The ABC will become a liability for Australia. This is just another example of China seeking to gain control of our institutions and the media.

  4. Why do we care if they're mad at us for saying the truth?

    They forcefully sterilize people in concentration camps

    They have lost all rights to be mad at people pointing out how horrible they are.
    Don't do shady shit, and people wouldn't point it out. Simple.

  5. ABC NETWORK have been sponsored by labour for years not a new info now. That's why ABC have been trashing Scott Morrison so much. Labour can get away with mistake made by Albanesy didn't know what the unemployment rate was,but couldn't stop trashing Scott Morrison for not knowing the price of bread.

  6. Yeah this protesting idiots about climate change should ask Albanesy why he's traveling everywhere on private jets and going on planes everywhere making pollution carbon dioxide. Also should ask this war MONGORING AMERICANS supplying weopons to Ukraine.

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