INSANE energy – Occupy Parliament, Melbourne


This is the MOST energy yet, despite attempts to shut it down.


Thank you for your support, it allows this channel to continue to show the truth.

Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. We now live in a world where
    – Psychopathic governments destroy Freedom & Humanity
    – Psychopathic doctors destroy Health
    – Psychopathic lawyers destroy Justice
    – Psychopathic universities destroy Knowledge
    – Psychopathic scientists destroy Truth
    – Psychopathic press destroy Information
    – Psychopathic religious leaders destroy Divine Guidances & Morals
    – Psychopathic inhumans destroy beliefs in GOD & Grace but they believe in devil & evil
    – Psychopathic businesses destroy human Services
    – Psychopathic banking systems destroy Economy…

  2. Support from the uk, i am hoping you become an inspiration to the rest of the world, we are at war for our freedoms yet again, but it's our own leaders doing it this time.

  3. Prayer request for divine healing and prosperity and victory for the millions of people all over the world  who have lost their jobs because they refuse the jabs. Jesus sees all and will bring His justice.

  4. So after getting locked down… beaten down…pepper sprayed….the solid citizens of Melbourne cannot and will not surrender to Dan's political ranting and tyranny….fkin minty!👌💖

  5. I want to see these real people inside parliament as well. I want to see people with a stronger voice, not just politicians talking people stepping behind the police line and making their demands. Love and respect to all.

  6. Now you need to push for early treatment trials using ivermectin and storm the joint if they refuse they no it works what has been done in hospitals is criminal remember the health care workers who have been sacked from there jobs get them rienstated great work stay safe good luck from the unfortunately woke state of NSW

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