Insane Lefties Line Up For Hours To Test For Running Noses



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  1. There are like 26 states that are behind bidum’s osha mandate, NY is one of those states, and thus the long lines. If you get the sniffles at work and a supervisor notices, you are sent to those long lines to get tested and you don’t go back to work until test results are back negative. This totally sucks and hopefully the Supreme Court rules and shuts this stupidity down on the 7th.

  2. You can't say all of them are freaked out over this "highly deadly wuflu". I'm thinking lots are being forced to take this test just to go back to work or take the jab. The virus that requires a mask to keep it in but only way they test for it is shoving a qtip all the way up your brain.

  3. I'm willing to bet a lot of those people are people that got a cold and they're not allowed to go back to their job and earn a paycheck until they get a negative test. So I don't think these are all crazy Lefty's I think there's a lot of us in that line cursing up a storm.

  4. They are lined up with their air intakes taking in the exhaust of the vehicle in front of them. I sure hope they wore their masks. I'm sure they know they built a super spreader machine. Compounding their filth through each others ignorance of the dangers they face every time they turn around. They need some Virginian comfort while the conversation ensues. Talk about a burden.

  5. 😂 I have gotten tested but I would never wait in a line more than a few cars if that was the option. I was able to just go to the VA hospital. Anyhow, I did it just to prove the sniffles and sore throats in the house was or was not covid to use against others. “Had it and it was not bad.” Vaccinated people in the house got it just the same.

  6. when all our MSmedia is telling you the same thing, that's your clue that it's all rigged to fulfill someone's agenda. Covid is real but the hysteria is whipped up beyond reason.

  7. Of course they will stand in line (with people who actually fear they are sick) to be good little commies.
    But they will never lift a finger to be a good American, let alone a Patriot.

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