Insane? Possessed? or Scared for his life? #Australia / Hugo Talks #lockdown

Insane? Possessed? or Scared for his life? #Australia / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. I got a subtle threat from a relative about "someone else" he spoke to that said he would punch out an "anti-vaxxer". I said he'd better land his punch first because I'll respond in a way that he's not ready for.

  2. He's hiding something! sounds very scared to me, he has been compromised and has been told that unless he does as the globalists tell him, they will expose the video of him conducting atrocities that had put him in the compromised position he finds himself. This type of control fear program is extremely common within the globalist agendas. Most politicians have been purposefully trapped this way so as to control their actions in the future. Can only be described as Evil.

  3. He will one day soon be held accountable for his actions as the comments state it's like history repeating itself have we not learnt anything! this kind of behaviour never ends well for humanity it's very easily proven. I pray for anyone directly affected by this person!

  4. there is no open debate and the media are party to the silence… if you want to persuade the non vaxxers then openly discuss what their issues are …but we all know that this will never happen….fascism is about injecting fear and Ordering people to follow their wishes. Individuals like this are trained from birth to follow the rules and never ask questions..his heightened anxiety is his Cognitive Dissonance coming to the surface causing his mind to implode plus he is under pressure to get results too. This mental balancing means that he will never try to comprehend that the jabs do not work ,so what is the point in taking them… the jabbed are still being infected even in the regions where there is 100 uptake. I am of course missing out all the stuff I know about the jabs and the bigger picture but I have to put the narrative from their La La Land perspective…..

  5. Deranged! I think their lives are under threat, but not from a "Virus". I think they've taken their bribes and if they don't deliver they'll be Epsteined or they're just complete psychos.

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