Insane Reporting from the Streets of CHAZ (CHOP) | FLECCAS SPOTLIGHT

This week my friend Bess went to the infamous Chaz/Chop zone to see what people were mad about.
She crushed it. Make sure you’re following her links!



PATREON (Fleccas Talks: THE SHOW):

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I'm trying to tell the stories the MSM ignores. This channel should be called "Fleccas Listens


  1. “ We’ve had no problems other than the problems we’ve had but other than those problems we haven’t had any problems”

    Ok I’m sold, defund the police everybody!

  2. "Its crazy how Persuasive the media still is in modern day 2020, and people allow their perspective to be influenced what you're seeing on the big screen, but in often times it is really so poorly portrayed in reality" – Dude with Dreads. Yeah I can say that about almost all of the left

  3. $100 billion dollars goes to illegals each year…. And the government refuses to help our own citizens out by forgiving college loans for struggling legal law-abiding Americans…..

    America the free??? Or America free for ALL but legal law-abiding citizens??!!!

  4. History proves that the majority of ALL races have been enslaved, at one point or another… Including the Irish, welsh, German etc…
    But they NEVER will tell this truth!

    Furthermore, women were also slaves and sold in marriage with a dowry.

    But Today, the slaves include the poor and homeless and then the middle class.
    The working poor pays more in income percentage wise than any class. Then the middle class…
    The rich, make the laws and give themselves tax loopholes and use off shore bank accounts to avoid paying taxes….
    Amazon paid ZERO IN taxes last year…..

  5. I agree with Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr and more recently, Andrew yang that ALL legal law-abiding American citizens over the age of 25 should receive a monthly UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME DIVIDEND…

  6. America USED to be a free good republic… But now we allow the federal reserve to control and charge us interest to use our own currency..
    Property taxes are communist. Public libraries, public parks, public schools are all socialistic programs… And yet, ALL tax payers are FORCED to pay for these communistic and many times, causes undue hardships for millions of poor legal law-abiding US citizens….
    If nothing else, these and other fees including vehicle tabs etc should be based on a sliding scale system based on income. Car insurance should be based on how many miles a year is driven. And yes, some have it but it's too broad. Some people only drive under a hundred miles a month