This video breaks down the plan of Janet Yellen and the Biden Administration to confiscate wealth from average Americans and what they’re trying to get you to believe about their proposal.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. I wish Americans were still real men. The WWII generation would have driven or walked to D.C. and things would change in a day. Mass resignations would happen – or else. 80% of modern men are lazy and weak. The 20% who are strong are too worried about the consequenses of doing what they know they need to do.

  2. You want what you want. But it's not all about you. Humanity is in this together. All this pushback over the changing covid landscape because people won't get vaccinated. We would not have gotten rid of polio if people acted like this 60+ years ago. Get vaccinated, wear a mask and distance 'till we get through this. This virus is a brand new game if you haven't noticed. It doesn't care about your "rights", and your rights won't protect you. Even your age might not protect you.

  3. Every single person now must ignore the authorities and carry on with our lives, our jobs and our destiny. Imagine one hair of your eyebrow ruling every aspect of your life. You would remove it and get on with it, would you not. Yet all that is going on is the unilateral whet dream by a microcosm of people. ARE WE FKN INSANE.

  4. It's OK but Luke you just got done talking about how the richest people in the country got a 65% raise. These people aren't taking paychecks. So if we do not tax the increase in net worth, how are we going to get anything from these people? The reason they don't pay any income tax is because instead of taking a paycheck, paycheck, they areTaking forms of compensation compensation that can't be taxed and in some cases are also being considered text considered tax deductions.

    The reason there is talk about taxing on taxing unrealized gains is to address this exact issue.

    We have to come up with some way to get these billionaires to pay income tax.

    And while I am not a socialist, is a socialist, I think it's misleading misleading to tell people that bull that everybody is paying their fair share. The reason these people are making billions of dollars is because they have rigged the system which defines "fair share".

    As a metaphor, if everybody was paid based on their physical strength (the stronger you are, the more you make), and the people who make the rules relating to strength and pay…. are the people with the highest physical strength….

    And the "rule makers" (the people with this physical strength) decided that people in wheelchairs should pay the most taxes because they are contributing the least-physically…(and also getting paid the least)… Would that be a fair system? After all, everybody would be paid and taxed based on a previously agreed upon scheme for taxing.

    See the problem here is that we have a disproportionate amount of influence when it comes to designing the the system of taxing and income. Which means we have unfair regulation in the 1st place.

    On top of this, the billionaires are credited for being super smart and to and paying their fair share based on this agreed upon system. But it's not really an agreed upon system… Not if everybody had an equal voice.

    So they are NOT paying taxes proportionate to their increased wealth.

    And if you're not receiving a paycheck, how are we supposed to tax these people? Instead of getting a paycheck, musk takes a loan out against his increased net worth. He gets a tax write- off for the loan and he never actually realizes any income to pay the loan back. It's just a shell game. So if we're not taxing his change in wealth on paper, what is the next best way to do it?

  5. This is another joke….Anybody really believe that the billioners will pay more taxes..??..The billioners have the policy makers in their pockets and nothing will change..!!!!!..but things will change for the ordinary people who has more than 600 dollars in their bank account…!!!…The humanity is under siege by vampires..!!..Get ready for the worst..this is just the beginning of total destruction of our civilization as we know it..!!!!

  6. I wish I could become a member on your site but honestly i just started a new job and cant swing it right now with all the bills already piled up. I wish YOUTUBE would lighten up on some of their speech guidelines because I want to hear what you have to say.

  7. Get right with God friends, many end times prophecies of thousands of years ago are playing out as we speak! Accept the free gift of salvation, Romans 10:9-10, then repent of your sins and live for Christ, and you will be saved! 🎺

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