Inside Australia’s Covid internment camp

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Hayley Hodgson, 26, moved to Darwin from Melbourne to escape the never-ending lockdowns — only to find herself locked up in a Covid Internment Camp without even having the virus.

She’s just returned from a 14-day detention at Howard Springs, the 2000-capacity Covid camp outside Darwin to which regional Covid cases are transported by the authorities. In an exclusive interview with Freddie Sayers, she recounted her experiences.

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00:00 – 01:53 – Introduction
01:53 – 05:38 – How did Hayley end up in Howard Springs, Australia’s COVID camp?
05:38 – 07:18 – “Get in the COVID cab or get a $5,000 fine”
07:18 – 09:54 – Hayley arrives at Howard Springs
09:54 – 12:31 – Australia’s COVID camps threaten Hayley with a fine
12:31 – 13:04 – Hayley is offered Valium for the distress caused by the camp
13:04 – 14:45 – Hayley has lost her job because of her stay at Howard Springs
14:45 – 16:29 – What is happening to Australia?
16:29 – 18:31 – What’s next for Hayley after her stay at the COVID camp?
18:31 – 19:33 – Escape from Victoria: Inmates flee Howard Springs
19:33 – 20:16 – Concluding thoughts

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  1. Do you think Australia's covid strategy is the right way forward for the country, and should the rest of the world adopt the same policies? 🇦🇺🐨🦠

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  2. So just to be clear, Hayley is a member of the social collective and wants all of the good things that come from the protection of the social collective but does not recognize that there are sacrifices of individual "rights" in order to continue accessing the protection of the collective. Spoiled brat!!! turn her loose in the outback with a blanket and a spoon for protection. See how she does on her own

  3. Those guards should be murdered. If these are your mates know that it's coming. I would make their lives hell. Keep fining me, keep me in camp. No fucks to give with evil.

    • Oh … and what ALSO happens when a society surrenders it’s firearms is that governments insurrectionists don’t storm capitals and dmeand the deaths of elected officials. Oh … and then there was Port Arthur. But you forgot didn’t you? So … less guns equals less mass shootings. Most US gun owners sign their names with an “X.”Doh!

    • “A man with a gun is a citizen …. blah … blah … blah. You DO KNOW your government has drones don’t you fella? Good luck with your “assault rifles.” Baaaahaahaaa !!!!!

  4. THE AGE-OLD EXCUSE: I can’t tell you anything. I don’t know anything. I’m just following orders. I just do what I’m told. I’m just doing my job. I’m just here to maintain order, and to make sure the rules are obeyed. If I don’t arrest you, I’ll be sent to the camps myself. I’m just doing my job . . .

  5. This is outrageous. To me this looks like Totalitarian Fascist Dictatorship. During the Hitler time also the people where saying that they were fulfilling orders. Well finally they were bringing the people to the Gas-Chambers all fulfilling the orders. It was then insane and it is now insane. This is also not based on the real science but only on a political agenda of a tiny group of elites who happen to be in power and feel they can do whatever they want because of the protection of the army and justice and police system.They constantly change the laws in their favor to protect them. Also they dominate the media and repress real science. This Vaccine is a new variant of the Gas-Chamber. This will lead not to health but to destruction of health and of society. These elites see themselves as the Ubermenschen but as history has shown are nothing but psychopaths who rule for personal greed and they find enough stupid people to back it up but in the end also these stupid people will be dumped by these elites. In the old days this would lead to a civil-war and in this case that is justified. Because these elites have broken the Democratic rules as a contract with the civilian. They went from democracy to Totalitarian Fascist Dictatorship and are misusing the integrate of the people who have put them in charge. Believing that they will serve Democracy. Your government has betrayed you all!

  6. It's time to fight stand up those cops have chosen these wrongful laws . They are the enemy they are Nazis in a new forum. Stand up and take your country back Australia. They are against you its time to take them out.

  7. Nazi Germany all over again!!!!!, is shocking that this is happening to anyone, purely because we do not want to take untested it injection, which does not stop you getting or spreading the virus in the first place.

  8. So these cops are part of the contacts.. It's not about health, because if you have this illness, or have been exposed, than why would they send so many cops around them?? PUT THEM IN FCKNG INERNMENT CAMPS!!!

  9. Fines levied and imprisonment without trial, without counsel, without recourse. If these be the biblical end-of-days, then all is as expected. Otherwise, there will be a great political revolt, followed by criminal charges, trials with counsel, and long-term imprisonment of officials and of collaborators.

  10. She should’ve repeatedly violated every rule they had. Rack that fine up to $1 million. Then what will they do? Make her work in the salt mines to pay it off?

  11. City of Darwin is adapting elements of the Chinese social credit system for use in Australia. The Chinese system’s monitoring of citizens’ behaviour has been widely condemned as “Orwellian”, with frequent comparisons to the dystopian near-future sci-fi of Black Mirror.

  12. This is……………………… IDK. Words actually fail right now.
    This is……………… what we've become I guess. It's time for another species to take over this planet I guess.
    Experiment 'human being' failed!

  13. The use of the term “internment camp” is over-dramatic and sensationalistic as is the drivel pedalled by many so-called conspiracy theorists and youtube-educated astrphysicists. Classic fear-mongering by those who suggest it’s the government who is selling fear. There are places where folks are confined who just can’t seem to understand how democracies are governed by the rule of law. That’s right folks … those who break the law can and often do go to jail. And so some should.

  14. This video is one the most biased, slanted, intended-to-deceive pieces I have read in some time. I watched the whole thing. Poor KAREN. She lied to investigators and was given several warnings while in quarantine to abide by the rules by wearing a mask or face a large fine. Because she lied to investigators she was involuntarily quarantined. Because she refused to comply with the quarantine rules she was cautioned about the fine. At NO time in this video did the investigator ask about her vaccine status and at NO time did anyone discuss how that affected the decision to quarantine her. This video makes anti-vax, anti-mask, flat-earthers look exactly like the privileged, whining bunch of petulant children they truly are. Bullshit man indeed.

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