Inside Info: Shortages are Worsening, and Will Worsen More (Stock Up NOW!)

I have insiders in the shipping industry among other things.


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  1. I like the way elk crumbles for a burrito, taco, or sloppy joe. Antelope is some of the best meat ever, but it spoils so fast, you gotta eat all of it in like 2 days. Reminds me of carrot or corn fed beef, only better, delicious flavor. Disgusting when it’s not fresh. I hear beaver is similarly flavorful.

  2. If only Chinese desperation over lessened exports drove them to riot; the CCP would urge that America buy more stuff – then maybe Beijing Biden would permit us to have faster shipping and receiving again.

  3. Remember: if you get caught with your pants down (pun SOOOO intended) and miss out on TP: you can always snip up old t-shirts and dish rags and just throw out/launder the rags.

  4. I've seen the videos of empty shelves in stores, but where I live, which is a major port city, I have seen no sign of serious shortages. I have the impression that the worst shortages are in small towns in fly-over country, not in major ports and transportation hubs.

  5. It comes and goes. Gatorade Lemon-Lime Zero has been either very limited or non-existent on the shelves for months. We had a hard time finding jarred pork gravy for a while, but now it's back in a limited way. Boars Head Lite Liverwurst can't be found, anywhere. I had to go to 3 different stores to find Ricotta cheese to make hubby's lasagna, but that might just be because nobody cooks from scratch, anymore. It's weird what disappears and what does not.

  6. The media has been reporting benevolently on "Leftist Gun Groups" for a few years now. But this past month they've been actively engaged in repainting the firearms issue so their constituents can now trust firearms (largely so they can defend themselves against 'evil conservatives'). In other words, the Dems understand if pushed to conflict, it's up to the group with the most gun owners. In which case, they are literally changing the narrative in order to get their people to arm up.

  7. stock up pretty early on basics for food just to get over with it
    same for water & tough rolls of tissues & towels

    cant stock up on eggs & meats cuz its gona be not fresh so gotta kno a solid source for these or kno ppl nearby
    stock up on drugs too

  8. I've been prepped out for a couple of years now. Here in Texas, our largest supermarket chain has their own trucks and warehouses, and uses contracted food producers for meat, fruit, and vegetables, and bakes their own bread, as well as having their own lines of frozen and canned goods.

    Paper goods and alcohol are handled by other sources. I think we are lucky here, for now…

  9. Once prices go up, they never come down to previous levels. And Corporations will keep supplies low to keep prices up as long as possible. Sell less but make more profits . winning combination for the Corporations.

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