Inside Latino SHIFT to Republicans | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar talk with author Justin Gest to understand the political and historical context surrounding the Latino shift to the GOP that will play a major role in elections to come

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Justin Gest:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. Latino here and nope nothing to do with Assimilation of whiteness. What is making lation people shifting right is values , family , approach to work ect. This concept of seeing in interracial may have it's weight but less I mention before.

  2. I don't know that the GOP has ever really tried to enlarge its ranks by appealing to outgroups. The Republicans started life as the party of WASP aristocrats and became the party of whites and rich people generally. As the US became more diverse, whiteness became more diverse, and so also the GOP. Now there are obviously limits to who is white, because categories exclude by definition. But you can't promote diversity in everything else and also expect white identity or the Republican party to stay where it was in the 1970s or whatever.

    Regarding political appeals, I would also say this. It seems that–for most groups–the longer your people have been in this country, the less the Democratic party appeals to you. Their increasingly BS platform (Latinx, etc.) is just supercharging that trend.

  3. Krystal I expected better from you. The words that came out of this guy are ignorant as it relegates Mexican people as a Latin homogeneous group and does not address the fact the we are 500 years of racial integration of black slaves, native Americans, European, Arab and Asian immigrants. He fails to identify that Latin immigrants are very conservative and religious group. The fact that republican ficticios embrace of religion is more popular in the Latin community when compared to the ficticios embrace of immigrants plight such as immigration reform is not an issue of whiteness.
    Racial discrimination in Latin America is possibly worst when compared to entrenched discrimination in the states. Latin immigrants are also independent business owners and they favor a pro business agenda. There are a lot of cultural key aspects that would persuade Latin Americans voters to feel more closely align with republicans then democrats. The pandemic also accelerated this shift since people who work in hospitality saw major loss of employment and less financial support from a Democratic president, congress, and senate. We did not get student loan forgiveness, immigration reform, and Medicare for all. He neglects to look at the issues and call them whiteness. He is an idiot.

  4. So stupid. As a Hispanic I can say that I don't need the lefts handouts and want to work for my money. I work hard and I can't support a party that gives so much for those that do so little. I don't need free handout money for your vote. I will work my way up my own way and with my own legs and hands. Assuming Latinos should simply vote Democrat assumes you feel like our values should obviously coincide. They don't.

  5. I’ll actively vote against any party that won’t stop calling me Latinx. Also, I’m only a “POC”, during the summer and spring. I go back to being hwite during the winter.

  6. I am 100 % Hispanic. I came to the United States of America in 1998. I can't be brainwashed by CNN, msn, MSNBC, Telemundo or Univision or anything else. I am mixed. My father is white and I have a white husband. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being white or whiteness. I am not light enough to be white and not dark enough to be black. I really hate the colour bullshit. I could not be demon_crat because I don't support the slaughter of unborn innocent babies, I don't support same sex marriage, I don't support nine gender. There is only male and female. I follow the RAW UNFILTERED TRUTH. Most importantly I am a follower of Christ laws and teachings. 🇭🇳🇺🇲🇮🇱

  7. simple history lesson. Mexican people are a mixed race cultural group. We are
    Descendants of European, native Americans, black Africans, Arabs and Asian for the past 500 years. Mexico allowed slavery on one generation. The children of slaves were free and mix marriages were encouraged. I don’t know if you know this but we mostly speak Spanish and non of our original languages. We assimilate and combined many cultures into our culture. We are doing in this to this day. We take a lot of English language and incorporate it in to our everyday speech.

  8. Whiteness of Hispanics is not an anglo-American fabrication that was recently imposed onto us. The skin color caste system has existed since the 1500s under Spanish rule. The laws are no longer there but the wealth and power among lighter skinned people is still grandfathered in. With that being said, whiteness has nothing to do with Hispanics voting more republican. It's the marketing. Guns, Trucks, God, and Low taxes are way more appealing to Mexicans than LatinX, Beto's broken spanish, Abortions, LGBT Parades.

  9. This is a very unpopular opinion and pls don't kill me on this, but the fact that Europe is white, Asia is Asian, and Africa is black is all a good thing. These places are the birth place of these races, language and culture. If other groups of people came in significant numbers, they can upend this culture and visual identity. Now I'm not saying other races can go into these continents and co-exist. Im advocating for not making every country in the world into the US. I believe what the US is doing is amazingly. White Americans can't say which ethnic group they belong too because they are a mix of everything. Latinos, and Asians Identify as Americans. And while there are troubles between groups, for the most part we would help each other out no matter the situation. So to that point America is great and beautiful, but lets keep the rest of the world as it is.

  10. It's called self cannibalism. The fact a Latino person would vote or prefer Donald Trump has to be one of the most idiotic things I've heard in my life. The dude couldn't care less about minorities, 1.

    2, he's a republican candidate, yes the same party that has an extreme distaste and bias towards our southern neighbors. Seriously, get a grip, just goes to show how dangerous he is, that even the people he's put down time and time again, even consider siding with him. Complete insanity. This country is about to implode on itself if we keep going this way.

  11. The “white” explanation doesn’t work. A lot of Hispanic families are generally conservative. I think the shift started when the left started to redefine family structures and introduced the “LatinX” nonsense.

  12. I wonder if any particular race votes as a monolithic block for a particular party. I don't think Hispanics are voting as a block either. Those Hispanics that consider themselves as "White race" they need to review their history and should take a look at the mirror twice. Just start talking in Spanish in public in some areas and a Karen or a Ken will put you right back to reality.

  13. @7:44…. "Hawaii was actually it's own country until the United States forcibly annexed it in 1893"

    America's shame!… This is so hypocritical. The majority of Americans either don't know this or have chosen to ignore it.

  14. You know why? Because democrats lie dude. We’re tired of these stupid handouts and we want to work and make our country better. Better pay and respect. Republican policies are in support of the working class. 👊🏽

  15. After reading the predominant comments, I feel Justin Gest is regretting doing this interview. When the people in your books are ripping you a new butt hole for the content and description of your book maybe you should apologize and pull the crappy book from circulation.

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