Inside NATO EXPANSION And The Origins Of Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine: Branko Marcetic

Writer at Jacobin Branko Marcetic weighs in on the conversation surrounding Russia’s original motives for the country’s invasion of Ukraine. #Russia #Ukraine #Putin #zelensky

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  1. This was an interesting discussion, but for me what blows a hole in this guy's theory is that almost all of Russia's non-NATO European neighbors would love to join NATO. They are fearful of Russia not NATO. Also, they want stronger economic tres to the EU not Russia.

  2. Can someone explain how the U.S. can get away with far more numerous and desructive Preemptive-Humanitarian military interventions, even when they're based on lies and half way across the world, but the West goes into a frenzie when Russia does it to protect itself and ethnic Russians on their very border. Eveyrone would be better served if time and effort was spent on avoiding war, on compromise and diploamcy, thén coming up with lame excuses to justify confrontation and brinkmanship, as the U.S. GB did ad continues to do in Ukraine

  3. IMHO, Ukraine has been and is THE number one, cash cow for US bi-partisan corruption. The goose that lays the golden eggs. If you don't believe in such things OK, but Putin does and has said so many times. Once Putin saw this corruption, and the president being impeached for trying to call it out, he knew he couldn’t compete and win diplomatically. Putin knew he had no chance for peaceful negotiation to stop the NATO, corruption driven incursion onto his borders…… Thus this war. You should also know that all of this wealth going to Ukraine is under emergency (read no audit) authorization by congress. How different things could be if congress would have taken action and stopped their corruption in the Ukraine before it's influence spread like cancer to Russia's border?…

  4. We don't talk about it because we like NATO expansion. We benefit from it. Imperialism is sweet when you are the imperialist.
    There is nothing surprising here, it's human nature.
    We are not any different.

  5. The Ukraine crisis is merely Khazar destruction. From Khazar Victoria Nuland's fake revolution, to Khazar Zelensky never negotiating, to Khazar Blinken and the rest of Biden's Cabinet of warmongering Khazars fueling a proxy war, there is no doubt this crisis is completely Khazar in nature. America has been at DEFCON 3 for over 9 months in a row, did thehill warn you even one time?

  6. This was one of the most painful news commentary I have heard in awhile….. both wanted to sound intelligent but rambled like uninformed peasants. it was painful.

  7. It's kind of gross watching everybody on the hill slowly begin to regurgitate KIM IVERSONS talking points, after challenging her on every point, and then removing her from the show.

  8. His explanation is not totally correct. To understand how and why this war started he needs to go back and study HISTORY.
    Once one study the history between Ukraine and Russia and Putin, it is way more important than just NATO expansion as Putin’s propaganda message. In 2019 the Orthodox Patriarch Church in Istanbul declared for the first time to authorize and grant Ukraine’s request to brake away from the long standing Russian Orthodox Church due to Ukraines concerns that the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine is being used as a Russian efforts to spy and breed discord and civil uprising in Ukraine.

    When the Istanbul Orthodox Church Patriarch authorized the separation and authorized Ukraine to have their separate Orthodox Church of Ukraine this meant Putin lost power leverage in Ukraine as will as territorial land which this churches resides in Ukraine and the wealth generated in these churches. This effectively thwarted Putins power in Ukraine as well as stopped Putins illegal expansion into Ukraine as a sovereign country. Also, if one continues to study that history of Ukraine and Russia there are many more reasons why Putin started this illegal war.

  9. The original motive for Putin's invasion of Ukraine is Putin's misguided belief that the Russian empire needs to be returned to its soviet era glory. That's why the expansion of NATO concerns him so much; if NATO expands into former soviet countries, he will be unable to reconstitute the Russian empire.

  10. The okie doke is breaking of the leftists peace movement on the right it's more of a non-interventionist not necessarily peace movement. The real real trick is the shifting of the Overton window non-interventionalists is as good as you can have you can't have peace.

  11. NATO expansion never was a reason for the invasion of Ukraine. The reason was and is that Putin wanted to restore as much of the territory of the imperial Russia as possible.
    NATO expansion was simply a response to the threat Russia means to the post-Soviet countries.

  12. I like how the music comes on before there can really be any type of substantive follow up questions and back-and-forth discussion.

    There’s no reason why these cannot be long form. Eight minutes is not enough time to cover this topic.

  13. Putin’s despotic regime is NOT the victim here..The question is, why do so many of the former Russian satellite countries want desperately to join with the Western democracies? Further, Russia is the largest country in the world in natural resources…Do they really need to gobble up the rest of Eastern Europe and should the democracies of the world stand by and let them?

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