Inside the Sussmann Trial | Rudy Giuliani | May 28th 2022 | Ep 242

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Written by Rudy W. Giuliani


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  1. We are losing our Nation. Our FBI, DOJ and Congress are corrupt. We have to start by cleaning house in Congress every 2 years.
    The FBI and DOJ need to be reorganized.

  2. HOW MANY Times does One BILL Client for the time and efforts made, [meeting]
    as we heard others Write & Say as well, 'Not in behalf of client'?
    Thank You Rudy! WE Still Win. Everyday there's a bit of Relief given to All People, i just wish they knew or felt it.
    There's just Too Much Corruption among these Trolls for there Not be something else Chargeable. They Know it and Act accordingly by setting their Stage to occupy Sheople's attention with Plays of LIES to draw away from TRUTH.
    Not too hard to see or Learn, if One just Looks & Listens. ​
    🇺🇸 WE The People are "The BEST is yet to come." 🇺🇸 CHEERS!

  3. Sussman acquitted as expected! What a miscarriage of justice. Underscores the depth of the DC Swamp! Bah, humbug!

    What now? Maybe Sussman goes out and does some smash and grabs, or felony assaults….no risk of trial and conviction there. Settle some scores, or purloin your wife some nice jewelry to celebrate with, huh?

  4. Wow, Rude Man. Looks like Special Prosecutor DUDham didn't work out too well!

    Guess you will have to start accusing Hillary of hiding Hunter Biden's lsptop now!

  5. Idiot Trumper Kandiss, who was running for gov. in Ga. Claims she WON Ga. after only receiving 3% of the vote. She came in third! Ha ha ha ha ha! Trumper’s are so hilarious! The fact that she got so annihilated in the election and her only recourse is to become an enraged Karen and accuse everyone of cheating. Pretty much sums up the Rep party.

  6. We, and I mean the sane people not trying to destroy this country, all know that the jury, judge, evidence, and media was stacked in Sussman's favor from the beginning. This is typical Democrat corruption and hypocrisy.

  7. This is so funny, they claim they do not do any of this corrupt crimes but yet they are silencing Dinesh D'Souza and Rudy Giuliani what jokers, Everyone knows they committed voter fraud and they got caught red handed with their hands in the cookie jar, with this movie 2000 mules, and this joke of a Michael Sussman corrupt Judges and lunacy leftist clowns jury, this must be brought to a higher court these leftist jokers Judges were obviously paid off by the loony Democrats clowns. It is obvious this was a joke of a hoax, and caused the American people and our President Trump 3 miserable yrs of these corrupt lies, now that it is all exposed to be a hoax and ficticous lies by the psychotic Democrat's and the lap dog media of clowns, all these people should be locked up, and handcuffed and brought to justice like the corrupt POS they are, now Michael Sussman is a POS, lock up his ass, sue this man, and sue the lap dog Media for dividing the American people, with their childish hoaxes and lies, lock them all up, teach them a lesson they will never forget, make their lives a living nightmare like they nightmare they made our lives.

  8. Hey Republicans! The Durham probe took 3 years and wasted tax payer money, was a s#@t show of evidence from the beginning, after all of that it proved nothing. You couldn't even get a conviction for “lying to the FBI” because your case was so weak. But for 3 yrs right wing media pushed for conspiracy theories for years! OOPS! Turns out the liars are the Republicans.

  9. I heard Dr. Fiona Hill remark, while testifying, I think, against President Trump, that she saw the dossier and found it not believable. It was a video, of course, not in person.

  10. Well it worked again for the communist left. They got away with it again. They managed to distract the people with Johnny depp and the shootings that always start up when the lefts corruption is discussed so everyone focuses on the shootings. Apparently the press is part of this. And the right are apparently just as corrupt and afraid to expose the left because they are part of it, or blackmailed, or they're naive, in lala land, stupid or just incompetent. The justice system, Intel agencies and apparently the whole government has been infiltrated and taken control over. Their next step is apparently controlling the people that's why they want to take away your guns, constitution, bill of rights and don't give a F about rule of law.

  11. Conservapigs and Republiliars…
    Unlike traitor, liar and all around wing-nut, Michael Flynn, a federal jury on Tuesday found Michael Sussmann, a former lawyer at a firm that represented Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 presidential campaign, not guilty of lying to a top FBI.

  12. How do the American people get justice? The Judge is deep state. The Juries is paid off.
    Again how do the American people get justice?

  13. What happened? Our judicial system is in the toilet. There's only a few people I truly trust anymore and you sir are one of them. Thank you for everything you do, n say. You are an honorable man. Didn't know it was your Birthday. My apology. Have a great day.

  14. Rudy, at it again, lecturing his ignorant audience about the "meaning" of Memorial Day and then goes into yet another insane ultra-right conspiracy story (which he loves to tell) about a defendant that found unanimously guilty in less than six hours of deliberation. Easy to see unless you're crazy Rudy who has always been in the shadows of most funny business throughout Eastern Europe even before Trump. He's such an expert on all this primarily because he's been INVOLVED. What a nut and, most importantly, what a traitor to the USA.

  15. It's a very good idea if people get to setup some stuffs aside for themselves that could be bringing them money apart from their businesses. Having multiple streams of income that doesn't depend on the govt. is very important

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