Inside Ukraine’s DC Lobbying BLITZ | Breaking Points & The Intercept

The Intercept journalist Ken Klippenstein interviews on Breaking Points the Vox foreign policy journalist Jonathan Guyer on Ukraine’s Washington lobbying blitz

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  1. Lots of people used to complain about the Republic of China lobbying the US to help them fight the Maoist rebels. After the CCP conquered all of China, we finally learned that their lobbying was justified and our leaders were idiots for ignoring them. Turns out, McCarthy was right about communist infiltrators in our government.

  2. Ukraine is known to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world Biden and his son Hunter have been involved with Ukraine since Biden was vice president corruption out of control.

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  4. Foreign Agents registration act doesn't matter for Ukraine or for Israel.

    Ukraine foreign agents have been lobbying the US for years now. The lobbyists and the Atlantic council.

  5. So glad that Ukraine gets so much more attention and money from the US than the American people do. It's almost as if BidenCo started greasing the rails years ago…

  6. They greased the Biden’s palms relentlessly, why won’t people wake up to this grift to become the next Afghanistan. The media is surely involved in keeping the BS alive. Not our problem, let Europeans deal with the BS.

  7. Compare how many personnel the USG dedicates to monitoring foreign lobbyists and how many personnel they commit to the "war on drugs" or prosecuting middle class earners over their taxes.

  8. US politics is ALL ABOUT lobbys…no where else allows so much money to be spent on politics. Until you make all PACs and Corporations limited in total political spending they will rule you.. You need term limits, donation caps and make corporate donations ILLEGAL. Corporations ARE NOT people an should have NO RIGHT to influence politics..

  9. Even though people living in the U.S. are struggling to buy food, buy gas, keep a roof over their heads, make their car payments, pay their student loans, afford their life-saving prescriptions, etc., OUR GOVERNMENT continues to send BILLIONS IN TAXPAYER DOLLARS to Ukraine, WITHOUT HESITATION…But, when it comes to passing legislation that would actually HELP US here in the U.S., THEY can't justify spending the money, because, supposedly, WE cannot afford it!! smh GTFOH!! The sooner people start to realize that OUR elected officuals are f*cking thieves, the sooner WE can do something about it!! QUIT VOTING FOR THESE A$$HOLES…ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

  10. They’re spending the money we gave them on lobbying us just like Israel does. We sent Ukraine tons of weapons and they sell them on the blackmarket then ask for more. End the war.

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