Insights from Bath COVID conference (from Livestream #127)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #127 (originally streamed live on May 26, 2022):

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In this 127th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. Dr. Been just did a interview with a teacher that has suffered neurological damage from the vaccine at the beginning. Still major problems. She was in the FIRST government NIH study regarding vaccine injured persons. The study says all the folks that were included are now well…….But they are clearly lying and this woman is proof. Sad state of affairs when you come to expect our government will lie to the public but they have not disappointed at every turn.

  2. Every Election year has a Disease/Flu…
    Sars – 2004
    Avian – 2008
    Swine – 2010
    Mers – 2012
    Ebola – 2014
    Zika – 2016
    Ebola – 2018
    …?..- 2024
    …?..- 2026 …The Covid crisis was manufactured.

  3. Let's not forget as of this comment on 6-4-22, people in the USA have not received a FDA approved vaccine. Every vaccine administered in the USA was not FDA approved.

  4. Eric Clapton (famous guitarist) is now berated by many as an anti vaxxer.
    Due to the fact that he got seriously ill and lost the use of his hands for some time, after getting vaccinated voluntarily, and spoke out against the vaccine that caused it.

  5. The world is under military occupation by foreign corporations claiming to be governments. We are born as babies then berthed as a child. Child is a stillborn child. Birth is a stillbirth. We become insured banking securities traded on the money markets. We are given a war name being the incorporation of given name and family name. DOG-LATIN is a gloss.

  6. After being brainwashed that she would die without being vaccinated, my sister immediately got Bell's palsy. Then, she took the booster – and got bilateral Bell's palsy, which is almost unheard of. She also got severe muscle spasms so bad she hasn't been able to sleep. She has to tape her eyes shut at night because she can't close or blink them. During the day, she uses eyedrops. She is like a double stroke victim and can't talk to anyone in person or on the phone. She can't eat without the food or drink falling out of her mouth. Her doctors deny it was the vaccine that caused her injuries. She now says she will never get vaccinated again.

  7. Imagine having to face a 50-50 choice, the unknown risk of contracting something created in a lab or the unknown risks of something hastily created in a lab.. if you were to Define being bent over a barrel

  8. With regard to your concerns about pathologists, you should be encouraged by the work of this pathologist: Dr. Bruce Patterson, He is to a certain degree very circumspect in his approach from the point of view of his commentary compared with Dr. Cole, but the body of his work and the focus have important implications for the understanding of the physiopathology and treatment of
    of this unfortunate patient cohort. If he would consent to be on your podcast, I assure you, it will be impressive.

  9. Dr Arne Burkhard, a retired and experienced pathologist from Germany made some amazingly gruesome discoveries when dissecting tissue and blood vessels of patients deceased after the injection

  10. Some of those cancers will have been ‘undiagnosed due to lockdown’. Others may have been accelerated by the cytotoxic spike proteins inflaming early stage pathologys. Still more are going to be unrelated. Hard enough to prove medically, let alone legally when the entire system has a vested interest and cannot admit liability.

  11. 1) I was at the conference in Bath and it was amazing. Meeting Dr Weinstein and Dr Cole and Dr Lawrie and Dr vanden Bossche (et al) was an absolute pleasure.
    2) Regarding pathologists speaking out, there is a very high-ranking and esteemed pathologist at Heidelberg and another at Inselspital in Bern who are speaking truth – and receiving radio silence. I am trying to find their testimonies, reports, and names online and whattayaknow? Can't find either one again…

  12. Aside from his honest and ethical behavior, one of the reasons a pathologist like Cole is able to speak out is that he owns his own diagnostics company. In that, he has freedom that most docs do not as he will not fire himself. (I already lost one job not toeing the party line on this, we will see what happens next.)

  13. As someone who didn't jab and was harassed, threatened, faced termination, bullied, you name it and by just normal people: "Vaxxers" deserve whatever happens to you, your behavior is not forgotten.

  14. If any of you are interested you should watch- the panel discussion on Rumble – A SECOND OPINION lead by Senator Ron Johnson. It is long – 5 hours- but so much information given by different doctors and medical experts about this vaccine- I watched it twice!!

  15. The history, research, development of information/data/evidence that has been sited, hidden, and suppressed that is connected to all vaccines should investigated in depth by all. The health perspective needs to be radically redirected to focus on a path that builds and supports the immune system. An approach to maintaining and moving towards wellness should not be dominated by drugs. It is known that the adoption of the drug approach to medicine was driven in the early 20th century by the very people who have controlled the growing pharma industry. The use of new technology like mRNA has already shown itself to be a potentially dangerous assault on a poorly understood complex immune system that has evolved over many millennia. History is likely to find that the large quantity of vaccines that children are receiving now is one of the biggest mistakes of a drug driven medical approach to illness.

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